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Northern Virginia Project Letter
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Dear Colleague,

When it comes to Northern Virginia's ability to compete in the high-stakes race for success in the Knowledge Age, the future just got brighter. On June 1, a collaborative initiative between the region’s business and educational forces named its board of directors and began charting a course into the next millennium.

Provisionally called The Northern Virginia Project, this public-private, educational partnership was formed to propel Northern Virginia to the forefront of growth in the information products, intellectual services and communications technologies that will be essential for competitiveness in the 21st century. By establishing the region as a "learning center" to help businesses, citizens and community and educational institutions, the Project will position Northern Virginia as a world center for innovation and the beneficiary of a vibrant base of commercial and social entrepreneurism in the Knowledge Age.

The Project has gained momentum, with a broad and impressive base of executive leadership. An enclosed press release provides details about its board and the Project’s officers for the coming year. Board members have already begun executing against the Project’s plan, launching several key programs.

Fund-raising is off to a healthy start, and we will continue efforts to enlist new sponsors. This initial seed money will be channeled directly into supporting the Project’s educational mission and programs and will serve as the matching funds to a $150,000 investment committed to The Northern Virginia Project by Virginia's Center for Innovative Technology. In the coming weeks, we will send out an information kit that provides more details about the Project, as well as initiate a campaign to develop an official name and logo. We will be sure to include you in future communications.

Yes, support for The Northern Virginia Project is gathering significant momentum as more individuals, companies and community and educational institutions learn of our efforts and join in. But we still have a monumental task ahead. Our collective success will only come from a broad-based community acceptance and the participation of many businesses, individuals and community and educational institutions banding together behind a shared vision.

On behalf of the members of the Board and myself, I look forward to your ongoing interest and support as we forge a vital coalition of business, education and community leaders whose common goal is to establish Northern Virginia as a center of educational, technological, economic and community strength.


Mario Morino

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