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The Chairman's 1997 Report
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Presented by Mario Morino at the 1997 Chairman's Dinner
November 25, 1997

Thank You

I want to use this moment to express my deepest and most sincere thanks to the members of the Board, who have tolerated my relentless pestering and impatience and who have demonstrated their commitment to and conviction in the KnowledgeWay by the time they provide, the sacrifices they continue to make on our behalf, and the energy they keep on giving us. I want to thank April and her team led by Cathy Lange and Clair Sassin for all they have done. And thanks to many people like Jay Meriwether, Tom Brown, Mike Joseph, Esther Smith, Andi Weiss, the Morino Institute team, and a score of others who have been so helpful. Finally, I want to thank you, the investors, partners, and "stars" of our region for being a part of the KnowledgeWay.

As I noted earlier, this all started some three years and two months ago. At that time, I quoted Will Rogers and suggest that the quote is even more relevant today:

"Even if you're on the right track, you'll still get run over if you just sit there.

Remarkably, the track is more congested, the curves in the track more challenging, and the trains are moving faster. We're not sitting there and we are moving out, knowing that our destination is still the same – global leadership in the Digital Age.

Thank you!

Download the entire speech in PDF format.

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