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Northern Virginia Roundtable
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Northern Virginia Roundtable

The Northern Virginia Roundtable was formed by a group of area business leaders in 1993 for the purpose of identifying and supporting public policies and investments which will enhance the long-term economic stability and growth of Northern Virginia. Since December, 1993, the Roundtable, with the assistance of George Mason University's Institute of Public Policy, has been studying the region's economy in order to develop a common understanding of the economic issues to be addressed.

Based on its review of the Northern Virginia economy, as well as those of the Capital Region and the Commonwealth of Virginia, study committees have been formed to assess five issues of critical importance to Northern Virginia:

  • The Capital Availability Committee is charged with evaluating the availability of investment capital and finance in Northern Virginia, and recommending strategies for improving widespread capital access for new and expanding businesses.

  • The Education Committee is charged with reviewing the quality, availability and affordability of both K-12 public education and higher education in Northern Virginia, and recommending strategies for strengthening these institutions, particularly as they relate to the region's economic growth.

  • The Focal Industries Committee is charged with identifying those industries which have significant potential for changing the nature of Northern Virginia's economy, and recommending strategies for enhancing those with potential for growth, and buffering those with potential for decline.

  • The Regional Leadership Committee is charged with studying regional leadership structures in other regions of the United States, and recommending a strategy by which regional leadership might be strengthened in Northern Virginia.

  • The Transportation Committee is charged with reviewing the current transportation systems and plans in Northern Virginia, particularly as they relate to the long-term growth of the region's economy, and with recommending strategies which will significantly enhance the likelihood of necessary facilities being built, and/or which will facilitate the introduction of technologies which will measurably improve access and mobility.

Each of the study committees has produced a white paper in response to its mission. These white papers will be combined with supplemental research to provide a statement of issues and potential solutions facing the Northern Virginia economy.

Approximately 100 area CEO's and business leaders are members of the Roundtable and its study committees. Membership is individual and voluntary, rather than by organizational designation or assignment, at the invitation of the Executive Committee.

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