Calling Party Pays

Calling Party Pays allows wireless customers the freedom to use their 
phones without worrying about paying for incoming calls. The FCC believes 
Calling Party Pays will unleash wide spread wireless use, such as in 
Europe and Asia. But, have budget calling plans and pre-paid calling 
cards stolen the thunder from Calling Party Pays? And how are they ever 
going to bill for this and not sink millions into new operational systems?  


 - Howard Wooley, Bell Atlantic
 - David Hoover, Precursor Group, Legg Mason
 - PCIA Spokesperson
 - Representative, Policy Division, Wireless Bureau FCC

Members:     $10.00
Non-members: $25.00
Students:    $12.50

DATE:          October 20, 1999


LOCATION:      Focal Communications
               1120 Vermont Avenue, NW
               Terrace Level
               Washington , DC  20005

CONTACT: CTP Program Director
PHONE:         (301) 564-1032