MIT Enterprise Forum Case Study and Networking Event Featuring has developed proprietary email software that solves the 
number one consumer problem on the Internet-junk e-mail, or spam-and 
gives users the opportunity to receive messages they do want, such as 
newsletters or permission marketing messages.

MsgTo's patent-pending server-side software solution acts as a virtual 
secretary, eliminating spam and giving consumers tools to manage and 
control their email.  By so doing, it eliminates the fear of spam that 
restricts email-based permission marketing, and encourages users to use 
their mailbox to opt-in to direct marketing messages they want.  Direct 
marketers will be charged fees to get their targeted message to consumers 
via email on a by-permission basis. MsgTo's technology also eliminates 
ICQ/Instant Message spam, machine-generated responses used to skew on-line 
polls, and fraudulent clicks in on-line advertising.

Following a presentation by MsgTo.comís principals, a panel of financial, 
marketing, and industry experts will comment on MsgTo.comís business plan 
and offer suggestions. The floor will then open to the astute Forum audience.

DATE:         Tuesday October 26, 1999
              6:30 PM


LOCATION:     NRECA Conference Center
              4301 Wilson Blvd.
              Arlington, VA