Justifying Your Corporate Web-site Portal

A corporate portal serves as the “company desktop.”  It provides 
employees with company information and applications, and is a focal 
point for knowledge sharing and communication.  While the portal serves
as the standard company desktop, it may also be tailored for divisions, 
departments, functional roles, geographic location and the individual.  
This executive briefing will describe the value of corporate portals 
and how companies are justifying their purchase.

Outline of the presentation content

- What is a Corporate Portal?
- The Corporate Portal’s Value
- Justifying the Purchase
- Case Studies
- Questions and Open Discussion

Please call Karen Baumgartner at 703-481-7364 to register.

DATE:	       October 27, 1999
	       7:30AM - 9:15AM

LOCATION:       Marriott, Pooks Hill
                5151 Pooks Hill Road
                Bethesda, MD  

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