The State of Online Publishing

The National Press Club ( 
CyberCocktail Lecture Series
"The State of Online Publishing" 
October 28, 1999 

This event is co-hosted by the Online News Association
Forum - 6:30 - 7:30 p.m.
NPC Holeman Lounge
Cocktail reception & technology displays -  7:30 p.m.
NPC First Amendment Room
Lecture Panelists:  Brian Bauer, managing editor,
Motley Fool; M.J. Bear,  director of new media,; Sacha Cohen, technology columnist,; Alex Johnson, news editor,; David Plotz, DC bureau chief,; Jim Schulte, VP and editor-in-chief, USA 

Moderator: American University professor W.S.
Williams  --- A.U. School of Communication, division
director of the journalism and interactive journalism 

Talking Points:  From breaking news and financial
action to feature articles and full-length books, the
Web has altered forever the way the printed word,
audio and video are produced, disseminated and viewed
on a daily basis. 

"The State of Online Publishing" forum will explore
three key aspects of new media publishing: Content,
Business Models and Future Technology. In examining
these areas, the panel members will discuss such
questions as: Has the 24-7 news cycle --  or the
increased competition it creates -- degraded the
depth and perspective of journalism?  Have "strategic
alliances" and "content aggregators" created more or
fewer gatekeepers of information? 

The panel will also address: The future of Internet
publishing -- consolidation or increased
fragmentation? The newsrooms of tomorrow -- how will
new technologies shape the news gathering process?
The Internet as a news breaker -- will content begin
to flow from online to print, instead of print to
online? These questions and more will be considered
during this rousing CyberCocktail.

Info: Event is $10 per person (free for NPC members).
To reserve call the National Press Club --
202-662-7501, or email

Sponsored by: The National Press Club/High Technology
Committee (T.K.Maloy chair); The NPC Eric Friedheim
Information Center; US Newswire; The Internet
Newsroom;; Matrix Group International;
AppNet Systems; DC; and the DC
Technology Council.

DATE:        Oct 28, 1999


LOCATION:    National Press Club
             529 14th St.
             Washington, DC  20045

CONTACT: Pat Nelson
PHONE:       (202) 662-7501