E-Business Using Web-to-Host

The mainframe is your mission critical platform. What strategies and 
technologies facilitate leveraging mainframe systems for your e-business 
initiatives?  Learn about Kasten Chase's product, VersaPath, a centrally 
managed, web-to-host remote access solution that concurrently supports 
desktop, browser and thin client over secure connections.  Come find out 
how web-to-host technology can be the key to your company's e-business future.

DATE:       October 28, 1999  7:30-9:15 AM

URL:        http://www.sytel.com

LOCATION:   McLean Hilton
            7920 Jones Branch Drive
            McLean, VA  22012

CONTACT:    kbaumgartner@sytel.com Karen Baumgartner

PHONE:      (703) 481-7364
FAX:        (703) 481-7260