Writing for the Web


Your graphics may be gonzo, your technology cutting edge, but 

it's well-written content that brings visitors to your site and 

keeps them coming back. In this day-long course you'll learn 

proven principles of web writing to help visitors find 

information and navigate your site. You'll learn how to write 

specifically for online readers. In-class exercises will help 

you practice your web writing skills. Personal feedback from 

instructors will build confidence in your web writing. 

What You'll Learn: 

	Principles of web writing and how to apply them 

	How to write effective hypertext links 

	How to write for a variety of users 

	How effective web writing helps users navigate your site 

	How to reposition your print materials for the web

DATE:           November 15

URL:            http://www.ewriteonline.com

LOCATION:       Knowledge Development Center (KDC)

                One Dulles Tech Center

                2191 Fox Mill Rd, Suite 200

                Herndon, VA  20171

CONTACT:        info@ewriteonline.com Marilynne Rudick

PHONE:          (301) 986-9627

FAX:            (301) 718-8021