E-Writing That Sells


There's more to cyber selling than buying the right e-mail list. 

E-Writing That Sells means using electronic writing to convince 

your customers you've got just what they need. But if you're going 

to market your product or service by e-mail or an electronic 

newsletter, you need to learn to write for the screen. In this 

day-long, hands-on writing workshop, you'll learn how to write 

e-mail marketing letters, online newsletters, and discussion list 

posts that will bring you business without getting you flamed! 

What You'll Learn: 

	How writing for the screen differs from writing print 

	How to write discussion list posts that will raise your 

      visibility and generate leads 

	How to write electronic newsletters that build business 

	How to write e-mail sales letters that won't get flamed 

	How to reposition your print sales materials for the screen 

	How to write an eye-catching lead and subject line

DATE:           November 16

URL:            http://www.ewriteonline.com

LOCATION:       Knowledge Development Center

                One Dulles Tech Center

                2191 Fox Mill Rd, Suite 200

                Herndon, VA  20171

CONTACT:        info@ewriteonline.com Marilynne Rudick

PHONE:          (301) 986-9627

FAX:            (301) 718-8021