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Potomac KnowledgeWay Heritage
Press Release
Since 1995, the Potomac KnowledgeWay Project has helped the Greater Washington region become aware of the opportunities and challenges of the New Economy. Having successfully completed its mission, we pass on the heritage of the KnowledgeWay to other regional leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs who will continue the vision.  
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The Potomac KnowledgeWay Project was established in 1995 with the mission of helping the Greater Washington region gain recognition as a global leader in the telecommunications and emerging Internet arena. During that time, the staff, with Board of Directors' support as well as investor funding from some of the region's largest firms, accomplished the following:

  • Provided a "think tank" organization for leaders within the industry. To this end, the KnowledgeWay set forth a vision for the future that acknowledged how the Internet would be at the core as a new economic driver of telecommunications, Internet services and information;

  • Increased the awareness among business leaders and politicians of the region's potential in the New Economy, including the publication of a landmark study that defined the importance of the InfoComm cluster in the region;

  • Acted as a catalyst behind the Netpreneur Program, now run by the Morino Institute, which has helped build a strong entrepreneurial community including thousands of Internet, information and communications entrepreneurs, business people, technology professionals and academia in the Greater Washington Region, and with investors and experts from all over the world. Every week, over 7000 people receive Netpreneur News and Netpreneur Calendar, and it has become one of the primary sources of information in the region for those funding and starting companies. Over 15,000 people have attended Netpreneur Program events across the region. Effective January 1998 the Morino Institute assumed full responsibility and ownership for the Netpreneur Program. Now institutionalized, the Morino Institute continues to fund, operate and develop this program as it nurtures a growing community of entrepreneurs, investors and service firms within the region.

  • Influenced a New Economy focus for the Potomac Conference; and

  • Acted as a catalyst for the Internet Policy Institute, announced in April, 1999, which will be researching and helping to shape policy matters of the Internet.
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