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InfoComm Sector Thriving In Greater Washington Region;
Potomac KnowledgeWay Project Contributed To Success
Press Release
"By every yardstick, the region's InfoComm sector is thriving," said Alan Spoon, president of the Washington Post Company and KnowledgeWay director. "It is now time for this region to move to a new phase and bring all of the area's businesses within the glow of the New Economy."

The Potomac KnowledgeWay Project was created just as the effects of the Internet were beginning to be felt in the region. The Project's goal was to increase awareness about the revolution that was about to take place and to educate the community about the possibilities that the Internet afforded for all aspects of the economy.

"The Potomac Knowledgeway's leadership in helping to define the emerging new economy and INFOCOMM industry for Greater Washington is really a defining event for Greater Washington's technology image. This outstanding service to the community will have long and lasting impact."
----- James F. Lafond, Managing Partner, Greater Washington
      Region, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

"Since it's inception, the Potomac Knowledgeway has provided the Washington Region with the foundation, vision and continuing support to embrace the spectacular unfolding of the commercialization of the Internet. In my opinion, I believe it truly was the only 'organized collaborative initiative' in existence that forged the way for the commercial metamorphosis of the Internet and prepared our region to be on the cutting edge while others were asleep at the wheel."
----- Ms. Lou Ann Scanlan, President, UUcom, Inc.

Since the Potomac KnowledgeWay Project's inception, working with other regional groups and community leaders:

  • The Washington region has achieved the highest Internet penetration in the country -- 55% vs. 40% nationwide;

  • Employment in the region's InfoComm sector has grown to more than 345,000 -- exceeding that of the federal government;

  • The number of technology firms in the region has surpassed 2,300, including such industry leaders as MCI WorldCom, AOL,, Ciena, Microstrategy, Proxicom, Teligent, Nextel, and many others;

  • Venture capital flowing into the region's InfoComm sector has grown from $50 million in 1996, to $329 million in the second quarter of 1999 alone.

  • A just released Ohio State University study listed Washington, D.C. as the most Internet-connected community in the country.
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