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Net Life: Living in a Networked World
Net Life
The Basics
Creating a Web Presence
Resource Locator
Electronic Communications
Electronic Publishing
Electronic Commerce
Online Marketing

Here's an introduction for people who want to learn about the potential of electronic communications.

The Basics - Provides an overview of the Internet, the World Wide Web and regional resources in the Potomac KnowledgeWay.

Creating a Web Presence - Introduces the process of building a Web site.

Resource Locator - Lists the resources referenced in the above sections without the explanatory text and provides links to additional Federal and Potomac KnowledgeWay resources.

Electronic Communications - Discusses the new model of communication that is revolutionizing the way people interact in all aspects of their lives.

Electronic Publishing - A starting point for those interested in publishing in the Knowledge Age.

Electronic Commerce - Provides an overview of the issues and trends in Electronic Commerce and a comprehensive list of online resources.

Online Marketing - An introduction to how network communication can change the marketing process.

Today, it can already be said that we are living in a networked world. The most exciting part is that we have only just begun to explore it and build it.

Use this section to learn more about the possibilities of that world. It presents basic issues and terminology so you will have a context for further exploration, research, and decision-making. Links are provided to online resources that explain these concepts in greater depth. In addition, books, articles, conferences, groups and other education resources are listed. They will help you get "the big picture" on a subject that is sometimes daunting or obscured in technical jargon.

The material here will lead you on a grand tour of the Internet, through many sites all over the world. If you link to an external site, use the navigational tools provided by your browser software to return to The Potomac KnowledgeWay. For example, Netscape has a "Back" button, which you can select to move back to a previous location, and a "Go" menu, which you can "pull-down" to list previous locations. Select an item from the list to return to that location.

Many people have helped with this material. Our sincerest thanks to all of them.

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