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Whether it's communication or information, content is the heart of a good Web site. When planning your content, keep the following points in mind:

  • Very carefully think through the kind of information and services you want to offer, and how the pages that present it will be organized.
  • Make sure that the content is relevant to your organizational and institutional goals.
  • Make sure it is useful and interesting to the people you hope to attract to your site.
  • Update your site regularly and post the date of each update.
  • Make sure the information and links you provide are accurate and cited correctly.
  • Periodically check your links to be sure they are still active.
  • Use links and communication facilities, so that your users can interact with you.
  • Remember that the Internet gives you access to a global audience, many of whom are on slow Internet connections without robust telecommunications lines. These users are limited to text-only browsers. Avoid graphics techniques that are inappropriate for this medium, such as providing text in a way that is so inextricably linked to graphic design that the information value will be lost. This also will disenfranchise those users who are blind and use text-to-speech devices.

Beyond these guidelines, you are limited only by your creativity and resources. Take a tour of some of the following sites to see some of the exciting things that are possible in the way of content and its presentation.

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