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Bibliography for "Creating a Web Presence"
Net Life
The Basics
Creating a Web Presence
Resource Locator
Federal Government Resources
Bibliography for "The Basics"
Bibliography for "Creating A Web Presence"
Electronic Communications
Electronic Publishing
Electronic Commerce
Online Marketing
Introduction Books:
  • The World Wide Web Unleashed, Second Edition. By John December and Neil Randall, Sams Publishing.
  • Using the World Wide Web, By Bill Eager, QUE.

Online Information:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Online:


Mailing Lists:

News Groups:

  • news:comp.infosystems.www for comp.infosystems.www.*

Mailing List Archives:

Conferences and Seminars:

Why Bother With a Web Presence? Strategic Considerations



Government Agencies:

Educational Institutions:

Hospitals and health care facilities


Additional Resources

Content Considerations

Sample Sites:

Web Server and Internet Access Considerations

Yahoo's List of Web Server Software:


  • Running a Perfect Web Site
    By David Chandler, QUE.
  • Managing Internet Information Services
    By Cricket Liu, et. al., O'Reilly.

Magazines Online:

  • PC Magazine
  • PBS Interface - bringing computers, technology, and humans together.
  • ZD Net - product reviews, computing news, exclusive online columns and live chat events.

Newsgroups About Server Issues:

  • news:comp.infosystems.www.servers.unix for Comp Infosystems Unix
  • for Comp Infosystems Windows

Additional Topics:

Design Considerations

Resources About Designing Web Sites:

Online Information About HTML:

Books About Design and HTML:

  • World Wide Web Design Guide
    By Stephen Wilson, Hayden Books.
  • HTML 3.0 Manual of Style, 2nd Edition
    By Larry Aronson, Ziff-Davis Press.
  • Spinning the Web
    By Andrew Ford, International Thomson Computer Press.
  • HTML Visual Quick Reference
    By Dean Scharf, QUE. This book shows you what the various tags look like in various browsers.
  • Teach Yourself Web Publishing with HTML in a Week
    By Laura Lemay, Sams Publishing.
  • More Teach Yourself Web Publishing with HTML in a Week By Laura Lemay, Sams Publishing. The URL for the book's Web site is

Acquiring Windows HTML Editing Tools:

Acquiring Macintosh Editing Tools:

Online Information about Web Browsers:

Newsgroups about the Web & Web Browsers:

  • news:comp.infosystems.www.announce for Announcements

Mailing Lists on the topic of HTML:

  • Instructions for subscribing to World Wide Web e-mail lists. For technical information about HTML issues use www-html-request.

HTML Validators:

  • Yahoo's Listing of HTML Validators & HTML Checkers

CGI & Forms:

Sound & Video:

Graphics, Color, Compression:

Using Vendors - Potomac KnowledgeWay Internet Presence Providers

Northern VA Area:


Washington, D.C.:

  • Internet Systems (202-463-7655)
  • Interscape Systems Limited
  • Next Generation

For local Internet access providers by area code, visit The List.

Planning for the Future Animation

3-Dimensional Tagging

More World Wide Web Advances

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