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The following list provides links to agencies of the U.S. Federal Government. A brief description of each Web site is included.

The Department of Agriculture's Home Page includes a list of all USDA Agencies as well as an index of the various programs that each agency administers.

This U.S. Air Force Web site publishes information such as ROTC scholarship information and staff promotion lists.

CIA This unclassified Web site publishes items from the CIA's "World Factbook 1994" as well as maps of every region of the world.

The U.S. Department of Commerce contains electronic access to Fiscal 1996 Budget of the U.S. Government. It also provides access to global and international procurement marketplaces for U.S. businesses.

The U.S. Federal Court's Web site contains information from and about the Judicial Branch of the U.S. Government. Federal Judicial Center, the Web site of the FJC, the federal court's agency for research and continuing education, contains information about the Center, FJC publications, and FJC Office and Division phone numbers.

The Department of Defense Web site links users to each branch of the military, the Inspector General's office, and the Unified Combatant. In addition, it also offers a searchable database, information on Gulf War Syndrome, and fact sheets on various aircraft, ships and missiles.

The U.S. Department of Education's site features information on policy issues, department guidebooks, national education goals, departmental publications, funding information and the National Parent Information Network.

The Department of Energy's Web site includes a table of contents for the Federal Register 1994-1995. The Home Page also links to a plethora of information, such as energy-saving tips, how to develop your own energy awareness campaign and an energy IQ test.

The Environmental Protection Agency's Web site lists its programs, initiatives and summaries.

FBI This Web site publishes the FBI's "Ten Most Wanted" list as well as the locations of the FBI field offices.

The Federal Drug Administration Web site describes the missions of its programs. It also explains how to report problems with food, drugs, cosmetics and other product-related FDA regulations.

The Government Printing Office's Web site lists documents for sale and will eventually include the Federal Register and the Congressional Record.

The Department of Health and Human Services Web site links consumers and medical professionals to an impressive collection of resources including the National Cancer Institute, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the Office of Civil Rights.

The House of Representatives home page offers access to various congressional documents and access to members' home pages.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development's Web site offers a vast array of information including listings of available resource materials on buying a home, public and assisted living housing information, Bureau of Census information and relocation statistics and data.

The Department of the Interior's Web site includes information on various programs such as the national parks. It also includes a photo archives and earthquake information.

The Department of Justice's Web site includes a section on departmental profiles and a biography of the attorney general.

Visitors to the Department of Labor's Web site can browse information from the Bureau of Statistics and other expanded listings.

The LAWS U.S. CODE This site contains the U.S. laws in force as of January 26, 1994

For legislative Information The Thomas Web site, named for Thomas Jefferson, offers access to congressional legislation, the Congressional Record, C-SPAN schedules and congressional e-mail directories.

The Library of Congress home page provides access to exhibits and events, on-line historical library collections and the ability to search congressional information.

The U.S. Navy's Web site, "NavyOnline," includes a section on the Blue Angels flight schedule, as well as public affairs information. Users can also link to the Naval Observatory and the Naval Academy.

The National Institute of Health's Web site links users to various health-related Web sites and information such as the National Library of Medicine, National Center for Biotechnology, NIH Grants and Contracts.

The Peace Corps Web site contains information about the agency, its programs and how you can become a volunteer.

The U.S. Postal Service's site offers a directory of zip codes and postal rates. The site also displays "wanted" posters, multicolored stamps, provides the user a way to order stamps and to submit a change of address.

The U.S. Senate's Web site provides information about the members of the Senate, Senate Committees and legislative procedures.

The Smithsonian Web Site offers various information on current exhibits, events and activities taking place at the different Smithsonians. It also takes the user to the Smithsonian Mirror Site at Silicon Graphics.

The Social Security's site was developed by the Office of Policy and External Affairs to provide easy access to a large variety of information and activities.

The Department of Transportation's Web site contains commercial flight information, data on various airlines and general aviation information.

At the U.S. Treasury's Web site you can visit the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. The site also links taxpayers to the IRS and includes a section on T-bills.

The Department of Veterans Affairs home page shows vets how to apply for education benefits, home loans, disability compensation and insurance. Veterans can also use the site to locate VA medical centers and can connect to a variety of private medical sites.

The White House site features access to all of the Cabinet-level Web sites and several of the independent federal agencies and commissions. It also allows access to selected White House speeches, letters, briefings and reports.

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