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July 1996 Stories

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The following stories appeared on the Potomac KnowledgeWay's Regional News page during July 1996.

All links within stories are verified at the time of publication, but some may have changed or no longer be available.

What's New for the Crossroads Web Site?

Virginia-based Company Calls for Survey Participants

July 31, 1996 - Strategies for Human Resources, based in Alexandria, Virginia, is looking for participants for a survey entitled "Alternative Work Options: What Really Works?" This survey aims to get an in-depth look at alternative forms of work including flexitime, flexiplace, remote work centers, telecommuting and virtual organizations. The survey will cover policies, practices and results of these forms of work. Results of the survey will be used in a human resource perspective presentation in the Special Libraries Association's state-of-the-art conference, "The Virtual Workplace: One Size Doesn't Fit All" scheduled for November. For more information on the survey, call Patricia Frame at (703)751-2832 or email her.

EXPOTECH '96 To Highlight Technologies on the Virginia Peninsula

July 29, 1996 - The Peninsula Advanced Technology Center of Hampton, Virginia, is looking for companies and individuals interested in attending EXPOTECH '96, scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday, September 10 and 11. EXPOTECH is a two-day event that features seminars, exhibitions and demonstrations designed to showcase the world-class technological capabilities on the Virginia Peninsula. This event aims to teach attendees how to take advantage of emerging technology and commercial opportunities that will help their companies prosper into the 21st century. Local businesses will showcase the latest innovations in aerospace, electronics, advanced materials, instrumentation, transportation, machinery and more. NASA Langley Research Center and the Continuous Electron Beam Accelerator Facility will also give special demonstrations. For more information, call Donna Carsey at 800-243-1269 or email her.

Virginia-based Company Announces Contract with Expressway Authority

July 28, 1996 - Virginia-based Telos Corporation announced a contract with the Orlando-Orange County Expressway Authority to support its state-of-the-art Electronic Toll and Traffic Management (ETTM) system. The project includes comprehensive consulting services to keep the automation and communications systems functioning at peak performance. The consulting agreement includes systems integration, applications and planning for future technology developments. The ETTM Management Information and Fiber Optic Network system is one of the most advanced highway systems in use worldwide, providing improvements for the speed of and compliance with highway tolls collection. To learn more about the contract, visit Telos news.

Microsoft Announces New Beta of its Internet Explorer

July 26, 1996 - Microsoft has announced Beta 2 of Internet Explorer Version 3.0 (IE3). IE3 provides a browsing experience for end users, organizations and content developers including Internet conferencing, collaboration and browser customization. IE3's personalization features enable users to take control of what children view on the Web; to customize Internet Explorer for specific needs and to access Web content in a variety of ways. Its communication features allow the user to run Web phone, application sharing, white-board and chat across the Internet. Active content features offer plug-in, VRML and Java support as well as ActiveX Controls. To learn about more features offered by IE3, visit its site.

Beta Testers Needed for Net Entrepreneurs Program

July 25, 1996 - The Potomac KnowledgeWay Project's Net Entrepreneurs Program is looking for beta testers to participate in the testing of a Web site focused on net-based and net-centric entrepreneurial efforts in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia. Beta testers will test the general site usability and specific functions and features. Guidelines will be given to help participants focus on testing efforts. The style and design prototyping is expected to last six to eight weeks and the content prototyping is expected to last another six to eight weeks. The testing will occur separately, so it is possible to participate in one or both. Testing is scheduled to begin at the end of August. Individuals interested in participating need to contact Rana Jaffan no later than August 15, 1996, as program coordinators are in the final stages of selecting beta testers. Internet-based entrepreneurs are particularly encouraged to participate and help shape the future direction of this Program.

Fauquier County Goes Online

July 24, 1996 - Fauquier County, Virginia, has gone online. The Fauquier County site includes comprehensive coverage of the services, people and events of Fauquier County. Information about county services ranging from zoning to family services to job openings can be found on the site. The "who's who" section links visitors to the county's board of supervisors, committees, departments and library board. Visitors can find out about scheduled meetings and other events via an online calendar. The site also includes a special "links" button that brings the visitor to other sites such as the Fauquier Community Homepage . This site, sponsored through a joint effort of local businesses, governments, private citizens and organizations, creates links to Fauquier County's businesses, community, towns/villages and government.

Alexandria-based Internet Consultant to Address Conference

July 23, 1996 - Paul G. Foldes, from Alexandria, Virginia, will speak at the Rural Community Assistance Program's (RCAP) Washington, D.C. Conference. The conference, titled "Revitalize Rural Communities; Strengthen the Nation," will be held Thursday and Friday, July 25-26. Foldes will demonstrate his views of the practical, low-cost ways in which RCAP members can more effectively support their constituents using the Internet's vast resources. Foldes currently leads Inter*Help, a management advisory and education firm which assists commercial, professional service and nonprofit entities to be more effective through discerning use of emerging technologies. He is also a member of the Potomac KnowledgeWay Project's Recycling Action Team. For additional information on the conference, contact Dana Weber.

Electronic News Bureau for Montgomery County Youth

July 19, 1996 - Young people in Montgomery County, MD, can now access an electronic news bureau to exchange views on issues with their peers worldwide, thanks to a project launched by Children's Express, Bell Atlantic and the Rockville Regional Library. Children's Express (CE), a national, nonprofit youth development and leadership organization, gives children a significant voice through print and electronic media. The electronic news bureau, sponsored by a two-year grant from the Bell Atlantic Foundation, aims to stimulate young people at the Rockville Regional Library in Montgomery County to research topics, exchange ideas, discuss experiences and express opinions on issues important to their lives. These youth will receive training at the library; conduct roundtable discussions and community presentations and contribute to CE's publications and the Rockville Library newsletter.

Free Olympic Coverage Via Email

July 17, 1996 - Mercury Mail is launching free, up-to-the-minute coverage of Olympic news available from one's desktop. This new service allows individuals to sign up for the Olympic coverage they're most interested in. Through wire services and ESPN's Sports Ticker, Mercury Mail's Olympic service will offer a menu of selections for a subscriber's chosen coverage. The menu will include Olympic news, final results, schedules, recaps, medal count and more. Subscribers will receive the Olympic news via their email as it happens. Registration for the service is currently underway.

The Potomac KnowledgeWay Project Kicks Off Net-Worker Forums

July 16, 1996 - The Potomac KnowledgeWay Project kicked off its Executive Net-Worker Forums last month. These Forums provide hands-on training to "Net-Workers" and members of their staff. A Net-Worker is a senior executive of an organization who is responsible for serving as the conduit of information from the Project to their organization. The Forums include a brief update on the Project and the Net-Worker Program and include practical applications of the Internet such as market research, creative selling and finding useful Web resources. The next Forum will be held on Tuesday, July 30 at Gestalt Training Center in Herndon, Virginia. Seating is limited; reservations will be on a first-come, first-serve basis. For more information or to register, email Cathy Lange.

Call For Virginia Businesses For COMDEX/Fall '96

July 16, 1996 - Virginia's Center for Innovative Technology (CIT) and the Virginia Economic Development Partnership (VEDP) are looking for Virginia-based companies interested in attending and exhibiting at COMDEX/Fall '96, scheduled for November 18-22 in Las Vegas. If there is enough interest, CIT and VEDP will arrange for a "Virginia Pavilion" in which each exhibitor will have a turn-key booth. Benefits of participation include matchmaking with overseas firms, at least one networking event with international participants and pre-show advertising. Now in its 18th year as the world's largest information technology marketplace, COMDEX sets the global standard as a model IT event for re-sellers and corporate decision makers. For more information, contact Nancy Vorona by email or by calling her at (703) 689-3059.

DynCorp Announces Joint Agreement With Diamond Head Software

July 15, 1996 - Virginia-based DynCorp, a leading provider of information technology, recently signed a joint marketing and product development agreement with Diamond Head Software, Inc. of Texas. The partnership will combine DynCorp's EnterprizeŽ Imaging and Object Management software with Diamond Head's ImageBASIC component tools. EnterprizeŽ is the premier product of DynCorp's integrated solutions business that was recently expanded by the acquisition of Data Management Design, Inc. EnterprizeŽ enables users to retrieve, manipulate and store data, images and multimedia objects quickly and easily, regardless of file format. ImageBASIC, a programming environment for document imaging and workflow applications, will be used as a front end application development interface to EnterprizeŽ. DynCorp's EnterprizeŽ system is currently in use by the Social Security Administration, NASA, Kodak and AT&T.

The Potomac KnowledgeWay Project Welcomes New Members To Board of Directors

July 12, 1996 - The Potomac KnowledgeWay Project recently announced the addition of two members to their board of directors. The new members are William A. Hodges, president of NationsBank, Greater Washington, located in Washington, D.C. and Clifford M. Kendall, chairman of the board of Computer Data Systems, Inc. (CDSI), based in Rockville, MD. Hodges, who has been with NationsBank since 1972, is currently responsible for leading the bank's area management team in various community and business activities. Hodges also serves as the commercial banking executive for the Mid-Atlantic Banking Group, which provides services to commercial, industrial and institutional customers in Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia. Hodges currently serves as chairman of The Greater Washington Initiative. Kendall, who has guided CDSI to become one of the country's largest and most respected small companies, received The Greater Washington Board of Trade's 1996 "Leader of the Year" award. He has played an important role as a civic entrepreneur and catalyst for the region's technology sector for nearly three decades. Kendall also recently served a three-year term as chairman of the Suburban Maryland High Technology Council and chair of the Montgomery-Prince George's County CEO Roundtable.

Civic Networking Grants: Community Enhancement Through Technology

July 11, 1996 - The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) will award grants to civic networking groups and organizations demonstrating the ability to develop online content, services and public outreach activities for their communities. Grant recipients will be expected to team up with local libraries, public broadcasters, schools and other community institutions in the hopes of consolidating their strengths. CPB expects to fund up to six projects, with funding typically ranging from $40,000 to $80,000 per project. A letter of intent is due on Friday, August 2, 1996. Only organizations within the United States may apply. For more information, visit the Civic Networking Grants homepage or email Andy Carvin.

Expert on the "Digital Economy" Sends a Message to Get Connected

July 10, 1996 - Don Tapscott's latest book presents his views of possible future trends, risks and opportunities in the new age of communications and how they will affect all aspects of living. The book, entitled "Digital Economy, Promise and Peril in the Age of Networked Intelligence," became an international best-seller within the first month of its release. The book includes case studies and can be beneficial to organizations struggling with challenges of transformation caused by new information technology. It sends a message to regional leaders to become educated, involved and connected with the new communications medium in order to take advantage of the potential economy it can create. Don Tapscott is the president of New Paradigm Learning Center and co-author of "Paradigm Shift: The New Promise of Information Technology."

HoTMaiL Provides Web-based Free Email

July 8, 1996 - HoTMaiL Corporation announced the premier of HoTMaiL, a Web-based free email service. HoTMaiL requires no installation of software or plug-ins other than an Internet connection and Web browser. Users do not need to own a computer to have an address. HoTMaiL technology merges the traditional text-based messaging of email with the multimedia and global access capabilities of the Web. Users can surf the Web and send email from within the same browser from any location of Web access in the world. The system also offers the ability to enclose and view graphics in an email message by deciphering them and displaying them directly into the user's browser. It also makes links to URLs sent within an email message. For more information, visit HoTMaiL's site or contact Kelly Herman or Montrese Etienne.

AT&T and Industry.Net Announce Merger

July 3, 1996 - According to the Wall Street Journal, AT&T's New Media Services unit and Industry.Net announced they will merge to form a new Internet company designed to create the largest business-to-business marketplace on the Web. The merger, effective July 1, 1996, will create a new company that will be headquartered in Cambridge, MA. AT&T received an undisclosed stake in Industry.Net, which will rename itself Nets Inc. It will be headed by Jim P. Manzi, former chairman of Lotus Development Corporation. Acquiring the AT&T unit will give Nets Inc. a spot on the Internet homepage of AT&T WorldNet at Work, an Internet access service.

Virginia-based BTG Puts U.S. Conference of Mayors on the Web

July 3, 1996 - The U.S. Conference of Mayors unveiled its new Internet site at its annual meeting in Cleveland, Ohio. Developed by BTG, Inc., based in Vienna, Virginia, the Conference of Mayors homepage provides the public with access to information about the country's major cities. The Conference's homepage includes links to information about what's working in cities across the nation and the latest developments on city-related priorities such as transportation, housing and crime. The homepage also links to photos and information about mayors across the United States and includes links to the sites of their cities. The site also gives the mayors instant facts about issues affecting their cities, from the status of welfare legislation in Congress to advice from other mayors on benefit plans for city workers.

Greater Baltimore Committee Technology Council and Potomac KnowledgeWay Project Join Forces

July 3, 1996 - The Greater Baltimore Committee (GBC) Technology Council is hosting a technology briefing on Friday, July 12 from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. George Gingerelli of the Potomac KnowledgeWay Project is the featured speaker. The purpose of the event is to develop a dialogue and identify collaborative efforts between the GBC Technology Council and The Potomac KnowledgeWay Project. The briefing will be held at Osiris Therapeutics' state-of-the-art research and laboratory facility located in Fells Point. For more information or to register, contact GBC or e-mail them.

Opportunities to Form Partnerships with Research Centers

July 1, 1996 - Virginia's Center for Innovative Technology (CIT) and the Northern Virginia Technology Council (NVTC) are joining together to present "Info-Tech-Connect 96," a seminar providing access for businesses to Virginia's leading information technology and telecommunication research centers. The seminar, aimed at decision makers whose firms would benefit from a partnership with a research center, will showcase Virginia's hi-tech information technology and telecommunication centers and their emerging technologies. Virginia businesses community can learn about the opportunities available by initializing a partnership with a university research center and how CIT can help. According to a study done by Coopers & Lybrand, developing a partnership with a university research center is a proven method for improving a firm's financial position. The study indicates that companies who have established relationships with university research centers have 55% greater productivity over their competition and enjoy higher revenues of over 20%. The seminar is on Thursday, July 18 at 7:30 a.m. Breakfast and lunch will be served at this event, which is free of charge. To register, or for more information, e-mail Brian Gordon or call him at 703-689-3054.

Information and Communications Conference to be Held at Gallaudet University

July 1, 1996 - "INFORAMPS 96: New Markets and Inclusive Communications" is taking place on July 11 and 12 at Gallaudet University in Washington, DC. The purpose of the conference is to promote universal design to make technology accessible to the broadest market of users possible. Topics addressed will include technical issues, policy concerns, the role of the public sector and the business/marketing potential of universal design. The conference will recognize pioneering efforts within the industry, share new information and ideas and celebrate the work and knowledge already gained regarding the design of a user-friendly electronic environment. INFORAMPS 96 is being organized by the World Institute on Disability, Alliance for Public Technology, CPB/WGBH National Center for Accessible Media, Inclusive Technologies, Information and Technology Accessibility Advisory Group and Trace Research & Development Center. Financial support is being given by American Express, AT&T, Citibank, the Dole Foundation for Employment of People with Disabilities, the Florida Endowment Foundation for Vocational Rehabilitation, NEC and NYNEX. The conference will also be accessible through a parallel virtual conference. For more information, contact Clay Carter at the World Institute on Disability.

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