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September 1996 Stories

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The following stories appeared on the Potomac KnowledgeWay's Regional News page during September 1996.

All links within stories are verified at the time of publication, but some may have changed or no longer be available.

Visit Shaw Pittman Online

September 30, 1996 - Law firm Shaw Pittman Potts & Trowbridge has gone online. Their site allows visitors to get to know their attorneys and practice groups, subscribe to online publications, register for firm sponsored seminars and browse through their virtual library. Shaw Pittman has offices in Washington, D.C., Northern Virginia and New York. For more information, visit Shaw Pittman.

Proxima Introduces Podium 2.1

September 27, 1996 - Proxima, Inc., a full-service provider of business solutions via the Internet, recently introduced Podium 2.1, an enhanced version of their Internet discussion group software. The software employs a simple graphical user interface that guides users quickly and intuitively to topics and messages they're seeking. Podium 2.1 has a number of enhancements including the integration of a more powerful, faster message database for added message storage capacity and flexibility and complete Web-based administrative functions. Visit Proxima for more information about Podium 2.1 and their other services.

NY Times and NPR Team Online

September 27, 1996 - The New York Times and National Public Radio invite individuals to participate in a national discussion focusing on key issues during the election season. Issues '96 examines five key policy areas: money, community, world, rights and safety, while probing such issues as welfare, terrorism, immigration and privacy. Central to the project are the online forums designed to facilitate a national dialog among participants and forum hosts. The forum will provide a summary of the current state of the public policy and debate on each issue as well as provide a point by point comparison of the Republican and Democratic platforms.

University Offers Classes Online

September 25, 1996 - The Fall 1996 schedule of classes at Spectrum Virtual University is now available and includes new courses on computers and the Internet, world trends and self-help themes. This fall marks Spectrum Virtual University's 12th year providing classes to the online community and its third year on the World Wide Web. All classes usually run for eight weeks and are free to the public. Registration has been extended to October 3, 1996. For more information, email the University or drop by its 24-hour registration desk.

NetDay East: Gearing Up to Wire Schools

September 23, 1996 - NetDay 96 will take place in Maryland, Washington, D.C. and Virginia during October. The NetDay East initiative, which will oversee the activities, is gearing up to wire participating schools for access to the Internet. The NetDay East Web site recently added a "Market Place" where sponsors may post their donations. Concurrently, schools can view the available donations in an effort to secure resources needed. To date, NetDay East has almost 700 volunteers, 104 registered schools and 28 sponsors. Visit the NetDay East site for more information.

AOL Tour Stops in Reston, Virginia

September 20, 1996 - On Tuesday, September 24, 1996, an 18-wheeler outfitted with computers by American Online (AOL) will stop at the Pavilion at Reston Town Center during its tour to introduce the "new" AOL. AOL staff will demonstrate the latest features, services and content on AOL and the Internet, all from the newly launched version 3.0. Staff members will answer questions about AOL and share many of their own favorite places and things to do online. This stop is part of a 30-day, 30-city tour. Read more about the tour and learn more about AOL version 3.0 by visiting the AOL site.

Electric Press Ships First Turnkey Intranet

September 19, 1996 - Electric Press, a Reston, VA-based Web site developer, completed its first turnkey intranet solution for Sea-Land Service, the container shipping subsidiary of CSX. The intranet is designed to improve communication and productivity among 14 shipping terminals around the US. Electric Press's turnkey product provides end-to-end delivery of all hardware and software. The system allows users at each terminal to upload and compare weekly terminal data as well as to compare variance data in spreadsheets and graphs.

Vint Cerf Speaks About Internet

September 18, 1996 - The Internet Society and the National Geographic Society will sponsor a meeting on October 9, 1996, with keynote speaker Dr. Vinton Cerf, who is known worldwide as the "Father of the Internet." Cerf, who is senior vice president for data architecture at MCI Communications Corporation, will discuss the flourishing technology and the legal and social issues arising from its presence. Cerf will also speculate about the future of this revolutionary communications medium. For more details, visit the Potomac KnowledgeWay Project's Events.

Income Tax Course Online

September 17, 1996 - Peoples Income Tax, Inc. (Peoples), based in Richmond, Virginia, has introduced a tax preparation course on the Internet. Peoples, a provider of income tax preparation, tax planning and tax education services, developed the "Comprehensive Income Tax Course" to enable students to learn how to prepare tax returns for the general public. This 60-hour in-class course has been transformed into an online version through a partnership between Peoples and University Online, Inc. of Falls Church, Virginia, a developer of online distance education systems. The online course aims to teach students tax preparation at their own pace and schedule and receive immediate feedback on homework and tests. The first day of class begins on October 15, 1996. For more information, visit the Peoples site or send an email to

CACI Launches Electronic Commerce Service

September 16, 1996 - CACI International Inc. of Arlington, Virginia, recently announced it has launched its first Internet-based electronic commerce service. The new service, QuickBid Net, provides information on government bid opportunities and enables vendors to electronically submit their bids in response to government requests for quotation. QuickBid Net provides end-to-end procurement and bidding services for both government agencies and vendors. For more information, visit QuickBid Net.

Universal Service Conference: Ramifications of the Telecommunications Act

September 13, 1996 - "Communications Unleashed," a conference sponsored by Computer Professionals for Social Resonsibility (CPSR) and the Communications, Culture and Technology Program at Georgetown University, is scheduled for October 19-20, 1996. The conference will discuss universal service including the issues of governance and control that will effect the future of the Internet and its users. Other topics to be discussed include issues related to information rights on the Internet, including the Communications Decency Act, copyright protection and threats to privacy from the collection of personal information online. The conference will also cover how activists at all levels can develop an effective voice by using the Internet as a tool for organizing online. For more information, visit CPSR's site.

Greater Washington Area PR Professionals Get Connected

September 12, 1996 - The National Capital Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) has established a home on the Internet. PRSA's site offers a calendar of events of their professional development workshops and the chapter newsletter. The site also includes a weekly listing of public relations openings in the greater Washington area via the chapter's "Jobline," and links to other information resources on the Internet used by public relations practitioners.

Social Justice Connections Goes Online

September 11, 1996 - Social Justice Connections of Arlington, Virginia, has gone online. The site includes links to publications and services for activists. Visitors can access information on books, workshops and consulting services for activists. The site includes a summary analyses of national resources that examines initiatives and programs of the federal government and of national organizations that can be useful or harmful in the movement-building process. The site also links visitors to directories and lists of other related Web sites.

The Central Registry Offers Free Registration Services to Internet Directories

September 10, 1996 - The Central Registry, a service corporation dedicated to providing businesses with an opportunity to succeed via the Internet, offers free registration services in Internet directories. The free service is intended to aid companies and individuals who cannot afford to pay for the service. The Central Registry will submit the registrant's homepage to over 400 Internet indexes and directories. The registrant's promotional information will also be sent to print media and television news rooms weekly for six consecutive months. The Central Registry was designed with the goal of allowing businesses to reach as many potential customers and media sources as possible for the least amount of time and money. To find out more about this service, visit The Central Registry Web site.

Online Seminar Aims To Maximize Impact of Telecommunications Act on Education

September 9, 1996 - Information Renaissance is hosting a five-week online seminar on the provisions of the Telecommunications Act that deal with universal service for schools and libraries. The seminar, titled "An Internet First: Seminar on Universal Service/Network Democracy," will allow teachers and librarians to be fully involved in the discussion regarding needed technology in schools and libraries. Practitioners using network resources will be able to communicate their successes and their needs to federal policy makers. Summaries of the online discussions will be submitted to the Federal Communications Commission for use in their decision about how students can best be served by the new Telecommunications Act. For more information on this seminar, which is scheduled to run through September 27, 1996, visit the Information Renaissance Web site.

Technology Community Supports the Peter Fitzpatrick Memorial Fund

September 6, 1996 - Leaders of the Northern Virginia technology community will pay tribute to the late Peter Fitzpatrick on Tuesday, September 24, with the presentation of the Peter Fitzpatrick Memorial to the Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology. Fitzpatrick was a leader in the movement to bring the Northern Virginia technology community together. Working first with the Virginia's Center for Innovative Technology and then with the Virginia Department of Economic Development, Fitzpatrick championed the transfer of technology from the public to the private sector. He also was one of the founding members of the Northern Virginia Technology Council. The Peter Fitzpatrick Memorial Fund will support programs at Thomas Jefferson. For more information, contact Theda Parrish by email or by telephone at 703-761-6581.

KnowledgeWay Unveils New Homepage Design

September 5, 1996 – The Potomac KnowledgeWay Project unveiled a new homepage. The new design is more concise and emphasizes functional areas, which will make it easier for visitors to find areas of interest on the site. The new homepage was based on users input and suggestions. This is the first phase of a multi-phased effort to enhance the overall site. For questions or comments, click on the "feedback" button at the top of this page.

Morino Institute Joins MCI in Supporting the Potomac KnowledgeWay Project

September 5, 1996 – The Morino Institute announced that it will join MCI in support of the Potomac KnowledgeWay Project to cultivate net entrepreneurs in the greater Washington region. The Project, along with MCI and the Morino Institute is committed to devising a support system to help net entrepreneurs in the greater Washington region bring net-centric products and services to market faster. The centerpiece of this support system will be a new Web site to be developed, designed and hosted by MCI and the Morino Institute. The Institute will also define, acquire and manage the site's content. For questions or comments, click on the "feedback" button at the top of this page.

Federal Market Information Company Releases ContractSearch 2.0

September 4, 1996 – Wood River Technologies, Inc. (WRT) recently announced enhancements to its Active Federal Contract information service, ContractSearch. Users of ContractSearch are able to conduct detailed searches of the Active Federal Contract database, which contains information on the contract actions of 65 federal agencies. In addition to new navigational features, ContractSearch 2.0 will generate search results more quickly and display the information in a more user-friendly format. ContractSearch is available at WRT's federal procurement Web site, The Federal Marketplace.

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