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October 1996 Stories

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The following stories appeared on the Potomac KnowledgeWay's Regional News page during October 1996.

All links within stories are verified at the time of publication, but some may have changed or no longer be available.

TheHistoryNet is Launched

October 31, 1996 - The National Historic Society and the History Group of Cowless Enthusiast Media have teamed up to provide TheHistoryNet, a Web site devoted to history. TheHistoryNet integrates the vast resources of history magazines to present an educating and entertaining experience. Visitors to the site can link to areas of world and American history that are enhanced by eyewitness accounts, interviews and personality profiles. Information on great battles, aviation, technology and historic travel can also be accessed from the site.

Help for VA Co.'s to CeBIT'97

October 30, 1996 - The Virginia Economic Development Partnership (VEDP) and Virginia's Center for Innovative Technology (CIT) are teaming to provide advertising, promotional and logistical support to those interested in participating at CeBIT'97. CeBIT, the world's largest information technology and communications show, is scheduled to take place in Hanover, Germany, on March 13-19, 1997. IT companies interested in international business can seize this opportunity to identify potential distributors and conduct market research. Additonal information can be obtained by contacting Nancy Vorona at or by calling (703) 689-3059.

Teaching on the Web

October 29, 1996 - The Connected Educator is looking for members of the education community to write about their technology experiences for the purpose of teaching and learning on the Web. The articles will highlight successes, give strategies, discuss pitfalls and present needed information and points of view. Funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation and technical support from Microsoft, the site will open later this fall at The Global Schoolhouse. Interested individuals can contact Gwen Solomon at gwen@gsn.

Open Studio for the Arts Online

October 28, 1996 - The National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) and the Benton Foundation have collaborated to provide the arts with a Web presence. Open Studio: The Arts Online is an initiative to help nonprofit arts organizations and artists go online, increase the arts and cultural presence on the Internet, expand the online arts audience and provide public Internet access at arts and community institutions. To obtain a "Request for Proposal" contact Anne Green at

Long Distance Savings Info Online

October 25, 1996 - Simply $avings. based in Alexandria, Virginia, is a free Web service providing comparative price information about long distance telephone services. This service provides information that allows users to make informed decisions about long distance providers and facilitate their buying decisions online. Visitors fill out a questionnaire regarding calling habits and Simply $avings. analyzes the data to determine the best service based on the call information provided.

Intranet-Based Training Available

October 24, 1996 - With the first complete turnkey Intranet-based training system from Electric Press and Gestalt Systems comes the solution of putting training on the desktops of an organization's staff. The self-paced desktop-based training includes pre-packaged courseware for Internet and office application training as well as customized courseware for virtually any application. Visit Intranet training for more information or call 1-800-993-5773.

Web Business Innovations Contest

October 24, 1996 - Virginia's Center for Innovative Technology (CIT) and Intercom are sponsoring a contest for the development of the best, innovative, web-based application for business use. The contest is open to all full-time university and college students in Virginia; first place prize is a $5,000 scholarship. Registration will run from February 3 to April 1, 1997. Visit CIT's Web site for more information on the contest. Specific questions may be sent to

"The Teaming Board"

October 24, 1996 - The Suburban Maryland High Technology Council has launched "The Teaming Board," a new online member service. The Teaming Board features a database of member companies' profiles, information on their products and services as well as a search engine. Visitors can also access information about contract teaming, procurement and strategic alliance opportunities based on industry sector key words.

Online Food-Ordering Service

October 22, 1996 - FGM Inc., based in Herndon, Virginia, introduced a web-based dining and food service called "Caters To You" (Caters2u), which allows for complete food ordering via the Internet. Caters2u allows restaurants to provide Internet users with a way to order delivery and carry-out food online. The only equipment Caters2u restaurants need is a fax machine to receive the online orders. The Caters2u Web site provides visitors with searching capabilities to find restaurants by cuisine type, geographic region and price range.

Join Discovery Live!

October 21, 1996 - Join Discovery Channel Online's weekly cyber talk show, Discovery Live! which airs Thursdays at 7 p.m. Discovery Live! features a different topic and special guests each week. The November shows will feature "CyberRumble," a Discovery Channel Online special that will give an overview of the new mass medium and the ways it is reshaping our lives, including censorship, cybercultures and money on the Web. To learn more about Discovery Live! and to participate, visit Discovery Channel Online.

The Internet and Fundraising

October 17, 1996 - On Thursday, November 7, 1996, the Washington Council of Agencies (WCA) and the Potomac KnowledgeWay Project, along with the Cultural Alliance of Greater Washington and the Washington Regional Association of Grantmakers, will sponsor a workshop for nonprofit organizations. The workshop, entitled "Raising the Cyber-Stakes: Exploring Fundraising Opportunities on the Internet and the World Wide Web," will examine how nonprofit organizations may use the Internet as a fundraising tool. Attendees will also hear about the Potomac KnowledgeWay's community-building project. For more information, visit Events for information on how to register, email WCA.

Government Executive's New Forum

October 16, 1996 - Government Executive Magazine has recently opened its Forum Area to discuss topics of interest to Americans concerned about improving the nation's government. Discussions about what makes a top-notch Federal Web site and how to accomplish agency mission objectives and provide customer service online will begin the forums. To participate in the forums and to provide future forum ideas, visit Government Executive Magazine online.

Electronic Commerce Workshop

October 15, 1996 - The Center for the Advancement of Small Business (CASB) at The George Washington University is developing a free workshop for small business owners interested in electronic commerce via the World Wide Web. The workshop will be held in either November or December of this year. Interested companies are asked to notify CASB by email to indicate any special interests in topics related to commerce on the Web so that they may plan accordingly.

"Publisher's Depot" Wins Award

October 11, 1996 - Virginia-based Proxima, Inc. and Picture Network International (PNI), LTD recently captured the 24th Annual Clarion Award for the creation of the Publisher's Depot site in the World Wide Web category for Corporate/For-Profit organizations. Proxima, Inc. and PNI collaborated to provide the creative professional with a desktop tool to search, license, download and purchase content elements over the Internet. Visitors to Pulisher's Depot site can enjoy a virtual content warehouse filled with stock images, production music, sound effects, portfolios and application software.

Securities Litigation Reform At Risk

October 11, 1996 - The American Electronics Association and Washington Technology are sponsoring a meeting on Friday, October 18, 1996 for publicly traded companies to inform them how California's Proposition 211 will affect them. Representatives from the area's technology and investment community will speak on the ramifications of Proposition 211, an initiative on California's ballot that will undo the securities litigation reforms enacted into law last year. If passed, it would change the pleading standards of the federal legislation, allow punitive damages in frivolous law suits and prohibit the indemnification of officers. For more information or to attend the meeting, email Lorraine Lavet.

Stand for Children Online

October 7, 1996 - Stand for Children, a program launched this year to assist those who want to improve the quality of children's lives in their community, has gone online as a means of outreach and communication. The Stand for Children Web site provides practical information for discussions to enable people to volunteer for children in their communities by launching programs and encouraging public officials, employers and the media to stand for children. It also links visitors to the Stand community, history and merchandise.

Family Education Network Launched

October 9, 1996 - Family Education Network (FEN), a developer and provider of educational resources and services, recently launched a membership-based online service. The site is designed to help families get more involved in their children's formal and informal education. Through a working relationship with Microsoft Corporation, the National Parent-Teachers Association and the American Association of School Administrators, FEN's site can be customized for local use in school districts nationwide. The goal of FEN is to help families and communities prepare children for a complex and competitive future by leveraging available technology and collaborating with leading educational content providers.

Using the Web for Market Research: KnowledgeWay Net-Worker Session

October 7, 1996 - The Potomac KnowledgeWay Project will host its next KnowledgeWay Net-Worker Hands-On Internet Session on Thursday, October 24, 1996. The session will cover several popular search engines, research tools and other Web resources necessary to do market research. For new KnowledgeWay Net-Workers, an orientation will precede the hands-on session and include information on the Communications Revolution, the Potomac KnowledgeWay Project and the KnowledgeWay Net-Worker Program. To register, send an email to Cathy Lange at; fax your name, organization, email address, phone and fax number to Cathy at 703-620-4102 or call her at 703-620-8975.

Proxima Designs Winning Site

October 4, 1996 - Owens Corning recently received the "Best Web Site Design Award" at the 1st Annual BOTI (Business On The Internet) Awards. The site was created by Proxima, Inc. and Fahlgren, an Owens Corning ad agency. Award selection was based on a range of criterion including the sites graphical attributes and their enhancement of the site and the user-friendly navigation. Owens Corning familiar Pink Panther character guides guests through the site's encyclopedia of home improvement, product and financial information. The Awards are sponsored by CMP's Communications Week, Network Computing and Interactive Age Digital and Softbank Expos.

SSPI's Scholarship Program

October 3, 1996 - The Society of Satellite Professionals (SSPI)based in Arlington, Virginia, announced it will award eight scholarships to high school seniors, undergraduate and graduate students involved in research or creative projects related to satellite communications. SSPI represents leaders and professionals from around the world involved in satellite communications, technology and space communications. Visit SSPI for more information on how to obtain a scholarship application.

CollegeTown's Grad Chat

October 2, 1996 - CollegeTown, a college search and admissions company on the Internet, has teamed with TI-IN Network Corporation, a division of Wescott Communications, to help promote Grad Chat. Grad Chat is a 25-minute live broadcast aired twice weekly to more than 2,000 schools in the United States enabling college-bound students to call in and ask questions to admissions representatives. Visit College Town to learn more about Grad Chat.

Interpro Puts Services Online

October 1, 1996 - Interpro Corporation, based in Reston, Virginia, recently announced it has brought its services to the online community. The Interpro site includes links to information about advisory services, strategic planning, market development and mergers and acquisitions. In addition to acquisition advisory services and searches, Interpro provides sales support from evaluation and memorandum development to negotiation and completion of the sale.

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