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November 1996 Stories

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The following stories appeared on the Potomac KnowledgeWay's Regional News page during November 1996.

All links within stories are verified at the time of publication, but some may have changed or no longer be available.

The Electronic Embassy

November 27, 1996 - TeleDiplomacy, Inc. of Arlington, Virginia, has established the Electronic Embassy Web site. This Web site includes an index of embassies in Washington, D.C. In addition, the Electronic Embassy Web Site includes information on passports and visas, cultural affairs, international commerce and trade as well as other information. Visit the Embassy's Web site for more information.

Innovations in Government

November 27, 1996 - The Innovations in American Government Program is accepting applications for the 1997 awards competition. The Awards Program, sponsored by the Ford Foundation and the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, are intended to draw attention to exemplary achievements in government problem-solving and to amplify the voices of public innovators in communicating their practices. Applications must be received by January 8, 1997.

Network Security Mgm't. System

November 26, 1996 - BTG, Inc. of Vienna, Virginia and Texas-based WheelGroup Corp. recently announced the first large-scale deployment of the NetRanger™ Network Security Management System to the U.S. Department of Defense. NetRanger™ provides real-time intrusion detection and response for connections to the Internet, intranets, local and wide area networks. When a NetRanger field sensor detects unauthorized activity from an internal or external source, it automatically cuts off access for that specific user, while continuing to permit other authorized activity on the network. Visit WheelGroup's Web site for more information on NetRanger™.

Classrooms Go Global

November 26, 1996 - The Global SchoolNet Foundation recently launched International Schools CyberFair '97. This event encourages schools to create curricular content on the Internet, which is useable around the world, to share what is unique about their local communities. The program is aimed at teaching schools more about the World Wide Web, demonstrating to educators the value of the Internet in the classroom, facilitating cooperation among students and encouraging positive relationships between schools and their communities. Students from kindergarten through 12th grade are eligible to participate. Visit the CyberFair '97 Web site for more information and to obtain a registration form. The deadline for entries is March 7, 1997.

Order TV Tunes Online

November 22, 1996 - Tee Vee Toons presents four new volumes of television theme songs that are available through its Web site. "Television's Greatest Hits" includes 65 of the best-remembered television theme song favorites accompanied by a 24-page booklet with notes on every show and its theme. For a complete track listing of all volumes and more information on how to order, visit the Tee Vee Toons Web site.

Literacy Center Goes Online

November 21, 1996 - The Computer Assisted Literacy Center of DC (CALICO-DC), a free-to-use computer lab located in the Martin Luther King Memorial Library in Washington, D.C., has been set up for the exclusive use of adult literacy students and tutors in the greater Washington region. Initially funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Education, the lab was set up to enrich students' learning using the latest in educational and technology hardware. Visit CALICO-DC's newly created Web site for more information.

Int'l Marketing on the Net

November 20, 1996 - PROTRADE, a new Internet program sponsored by Virginia's Center for Innovative Technology and developed and operated by Global Opportunities, Inc., is designed to assist companies with the marketing of products and services worldwide. Subscribers will be able to search the database for world-wide procurement opportunities. Information about subscriber companies will be maintained in the PROTRADE database and will be available for free to all site users. PROTRADE is currently in its test stage and companies wanting to participate can do so, free of charge until February 1, 1997 when the program becomes a commercial service.

Government Bid Reports Online

November 19, 1996 - Rockville, Maryland-based GovCon, Inc. has introduced a competitive analysis report that enables corporate executives and government officials to find up-to-date market research on awards reported by the federal government for its electronic bidding system, the Federal Acquisition Network (FACNET). FACNET is the government's Electronic Data Interchange vehicle that gives vendors of supplies, products and services a way to peruse and respond electronically to government bids. For additional information or to order the GovCon Competitive Analysis Reports, visit the GovCon Web site.

NII Awards Announce Finalists

November 18, 1996 - The National Information Infrastructure (NII) Awards recently announced 60 finalists out of more than 850 entrants. NII Awards recognize innovation and excellence in the use of the information superhighway and looks for projects that show the world the power and potential of networked, interactive communications. The Morino Institute, based in Reston, Va, is one of the program's sponsors.

Morino Institute Awards Grant

November 15, 1996 - The Morino Institute has awarded a two-year grant to the Council on Library Resources to provide for the hosting, updating, and ongoing development of the Institute's online Directory of Public Access Network. First created in May, 1995, the Directory contains hundreds of listings with background and contact information for networks across the country. Public Access Networks include such systems as community networks, government information, education, health information and library networks.

Fundraising Online Forum

November 14, 1996 - On November 18, 1996, from 1-2 p.m., the Washington Council of Agencies (WCA) and the Potomac KnowledgeWay Project will kick-off an Online Forum for Nonprofits that will examine success stories and the latest technology tools used for fundraising online. This Forum is, in part, a follow-up to a workshop titled, "Raising the Cyber-Stakes: Fundraising on the Internet & the World Wide Web," sponsored by WCA and the Morino Institute.

SOHO Pilot Program

November 13, 1996 - The Potomac KnowledgeWay Project, Virginia's Center for Innovative Technology and Media General Cable have announced the creation of a pilot program to test the impact of high-speed Internet access via cable modem technology on the growing Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) sector of the Northern Virginia business community. The program will connect approximately 25 to 50 SOHO businesses in Fairfax City to the Internet with high-bandwidth connections and study the impact of the connections on their business processes, customer service and revenues. Visit SOHO Pilot Program for more information .

IABD Calling for Papers

November 11, 1996 - The International Academy of Business Disciplines (IABD) has announced its ninth annual conference, "Emerging Trends in Business Disciplines." The conference will be held in Orlando, Florida from April 9-14, 1997. Individuals are encouraged to submit proposals for paper presentations, symposia, tutorials, workshops and works-in-progress. Accepted papers are also eligible for publication in the 1997 IABD Business Research Yearbook. Deadline for submissions is November 18, 1996. For more information, visit IABD online.

Internet via the Telephone

November 11, 1996 - Panasonic and Diba, Inc. have teamed up to produce a personal information device in the design of a household telephone that allows users to access the Internet. The telephone lets users send and receive email and browse the text portion of the World Wide Web with a built-in LCD screen using a standard computer keyboard. The product also serves as a conventional telephone. A demonstration of this new information appliance will be given at the Fall COMDEX Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, from November 18-22, 1996.

Email on the Web

November 8, 1996 - Valise, a free Web-based email service, offers server-side management that allows for all mail, address books, and mailing lists to be saved and managed on the Valise server. The service offers Web-based file attachment, and displays multimedia Web pages and text pages. Valise also offers password-protected mail and a built-in calendar function that reminds the user of things to do. To learn how Web-based email can be implemented in your current server environment, contact Nascent Technologies in Reston, VA.

Int'l Telecommunications Trade Show

November 8, 1996 - The Virginia Economic Development Partnership (VEDP) has announced it will provide support to Virginia companies interested in participating in Asia Telecom '97, which is scheduled for June 9-14, 1997 in Singapore. Asia Telecom '97 is a major telecommunications trade show for the Asia-Pacific region. Space for Asia Telecom '97 is available in the Virginia Pavilion reserved by VEDP on a first-come, first-serve basis. For additional information, contact Nancy Varona at

Web Links Area Residents

November 5, 1996 - The Washington Web provides links to information on the greater Washington region. Visitors can link to Washington Web's choices of hot Web sites and stay informed about news and current events via the site's hyperlinks to news resources. Visitors can also link to sites that provide information useful to their everyday lives such as helpful hints about area restaurants and how to enhance their Web sites.

PR Practitioners Access the Press

November 4, 1996 - Press Access, an online resource database, is one place high-tech PR professionals can visit for current editorial information, PR services and useful links. The site features up-to-date information on editors and editorial calendars, links to publication Web sites, news, awards and other information services designed to help PR professionals gain greater success.

Educational Use of Podium 2.1

November 1, 1996 - Virginia-based Proxicom, formerly known as Proxima, Inc., was recently chosen by Ziff Davis' ZD Net to supply advanced discussion group software for ZD Net University (ZDU). ZDU is a new Web-based subscription service that provides high-tech continuing education to computer enthusiasts. ZD Net, a source of computing news, buying information and services on the Web, has incorporated Proxicom's Podium 2.1 into ZDU, providing discussion group software capabilities to its users to provide for an efficient and productive classroom structure.

User-Friendly HTML

November 1, 1996 - Herndon, Virginia-based Morph Technologies, Inc., announced the release of DynaMorph, an innovative server-side extension to HTML, supporting major web servers on Macintosh and Windows platforms. Designed to ease the burden of large site construction and maintenance, DynaMorph takes an HTML document with embedded DynaMorph commands and converts it into standard HTML, making it user-friendly. For additional information about DynaMorph, contact Morph Technologies, Inc. at morphinfo@morphtech.

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