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December 1996 Stories

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The following stories appeared on the Potomac KnowledgeWay's Regional News page during December 1996.

All links within stories are verified at the time of publication, but some may have changed or no longer be available.

Al Gore Honors Visionaries

December 30, 1996 - Vice President Al Gore recently honored four technology visionaries with the Leadership in Technology Award for TECH CORPS. TECH CORPS is a national, non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing K-12 teaching and learning through the effective use of volunteers to integrate technology into the educational environment. Thomas Wheeler of Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association, Robert Palmer with Digital Equipment Corporation, Bert Roberts with MCI Communications Corporation, and Gary Beach of Computerworld, Inc. were recognized for their leadership as the Founding National Sponsors of TECH CORPS. For more information on the organization visit their Web site, or the Washington, D.C. Chapter of TECH CORPS, online.

Positive Messages

December 27, 1996 - The Athens Institute, based in Alexandria, VA, promotes education, research and scholarships relating to independence of thought, self-reliance, individualism, hard work, honesty, perseverance, and intellectual courage. One of the Athens Institute's programs is Positive Net, which is dedicated to increasing the awareness of all the good things that people do all around the world.

Beta Participants Needed

December 26, 1996 - Herndon, Virginia-based, Image Machines Corporation, recently launched their selection process for beta sites of their new Web server product, IMageSite. Image Machines is a developer and manufacturer of computer software and hardware which specializes in large format imaging. IMageSite will allow companies to view and collaborate with large format drawings over the Internet or on their Intranet with standard Web browsers. For more information, or for a demo of IMageSite, visit Image Machines Corporation's Web site. To participate in the beta site, e-mail Linda Reiger.

Marketing Success on the Net

December 26, 1996 - The Tenagra Awards for Internet Marketing Excellence has recognized innovation and success in the Internet marketing industry since 1994. Currently, the Tenagra Awards is looking for success stories related to marketing, promotion and advertising on the Web for their 1996 competition. Four categories have been defined for this year's awards and the deadline for nominations is January 31, 1997; winners will be announced in April 1997. For more information, send an e-mail to the Tenagra Awards.

High-Speed Access

December 24, 1996 - MFS Communications, and its subsidiary UUNET Technologies, will offer low-cost, high-speed links to the Internet over conventional telephone lines with their Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) service, in the first quarter of 1997. MFS will initially provide business customers with high-speed access connections equivalent to more than 20 times faster than conventional modems through UUNET. Users will be able to use existing phone lines for simultaneous voice and data transmission. This will enable small to mid-sized businesses to access the Internet at higher speeds: from 28.8 Kbps to 128 Kbps. Visit MFS Communications' Web site, for more information on DSL.

YouthNet Teaches Internet Skills

December 23, 1996 - Washington, D.C.-based YouthNet is a six-week program targeting 14- to 21-year-olds interested in learning about computers, the Internet and Web page creation. YouthNet's three program areas include an introduction to Windows, Internet/Web skills and desktop publishing. After completing the program, participants have the option to become YouthNet-preneurs or Web designers, return as student trainers or continue advanced Internet studies. To learn more, visit YouthNet's homepage.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

December 20, 1996 - A team from The George Washington University's (GWU) Marketing Department is researching customer satisfaction with World Wide Web sites. A 10-question survey is available online and takes only minutes to complete. This survey is an academic study used determine the best customer satisfaction practices on the Internet. Survey results will be posted online early next year. Visit GWU's Web site for more information or send an e-mail to the research team.

Online Network for Kids

December 19, 1996 - Kidz Online, a nonprofit organization dedicated to teaching the youth of today technologies that will play a major role in their futures, recently launched its Web site. Based in Northern Virginia, the program encourages kids to learn how to e-mail, attach, upload/download files and unzip files. Children also learn how to retrieve information through the "Library", a l isting of available resources on the Web, including dictionaries, a mapping services, and a link to the Library of Congress. Visiting youngsters can also engage in "chat" with other kids in cyberspace. For more information, visit Kidz Online's Web site.

Santa Takes on Cyberspace

December 18, 1996 - Santa and his helpers have developed a creative experience for kids of all ages. There are lots of things to see and do on this interactive and colorfully illustrated Web site. Take a sneak peek at the Naughty and Nice List or visit the elves in the Toy Workshop. You can also stop by Santa's House and learn about the meanings behind Christmas traditions like Gingerbread Houses and Christmas Trees. Create a Wish List online and keep track of Santa on Christmas Eve by visiting Santa's Web site this month.

Link to the Netpreneur Program

December 17, 1996 - A new link has been added on the Potomac KnowledgeWay Web site's home page to the Netpreneur Program. Individuals can now subscribe to "Netpreneur News," sign up as a beta tester for the Potomac KnowledgeWay Netpreneur Program's Web site and link to two speeches recently given by Mario Morino, chairman of the Potomac KnowledgeWay Project. Netpreneur News is a biweekly e-mail that includes updates on the Program and other information including news about regional netpreneurs, funding, partnerships and resources. The first speech focuses on the Potomac KnowledgeWay as "A Transformation in Process"; the second speech introduces the netpreneur as "The Innovator of a Digital Age". Visit the KnowledgeWay's Web site at for more information.

Municipal Sites in Maryland

December 16, 1996 - Cities and towns throughout Maryland have discovered the advantages of the World Wide Web for communicating with citizens. An article, which appeared in the Municipal Maryland, reports that 15 communities currently offer their citizens, and others, electronic access to information ranging from council agendas to historical and tourism information. Annapolis, Frostburg, and Salisbury were listed as examples of how small-to-midsize jurisdictions can make effective use of the newest communications technology without spending a lot of money. Visit Maryland Municipalities on the World Wide Web for more information on other cities and counties online.

Futuristic ATMs

December 12, 1996 - North Communications of California, has developed a new generation of Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) that are delivering high-tech banking services beyond dispensing cash. The TouchTeller Financial Center™ performs a variety of services including printing loan applications, assisting in personal finance decisions, showing information from the Internet, and bringing you face-to-face with a live bank teller on the screen. For additional information on the TouchTeller system, visit North Communication's Web site.

Virtual Yellow Pages

December 11, 1996 - Irwin Professional Publishing recently published the "Best of the Net" book series. This is a series of comprehensive guides designed to provide consumers and businesses with a direct link to the Internet's most informative sites. These guides summarize the most creative and practical sites on the Net and provide an up-to-date listing on how to find them. The "Best of the Net" takes the hassle out of searching for information by pointing consumers to high-content sites. To learn more about "Best of the Net", visit Irwin Professional Publishing's Web site.

Sidewalk Santa Goes Online

December 11, 1996 - Proxicom of McLean, Virginia has developed their first "Sidewalk Santa" Web site for the Volunteers of America (VOA). The site enables charitable donations for VOA's Sidewalk Santa tradition to help those in need during the holiday season. Visitors can make donations through Santa's Cyber Chimney to support the VOA's holiday assistance programs throughout the nation.

Bridal Registry on the Web

December 5, 1996 - Reston, Virginia-based, American Bridal Registry provides couples with a personalized online wedding gift registry, in a free personalized home page, for the Internet-savvy couple. Couples can publish their photograph on the site, information on their upcoming wedding and post a list of gifts they would like from their favorite stores. Throughout December, American Bridal Registry will offer couples a free registry online. For more information, visit American Bridal Registry's Web site.

Nine Regional Organizations Recognized by NII Awards

December 4, 1996 (updated December 16, 1996) - The National Information Infrastructure (NII) Awards Program recognizes and honors outstanding achievements in the innovation and use of the Internet and the information superhighway. The Awards Program seeks out those projects that show the world the power and potential of networked, interactive communications. Nine of the 56 finalists were from the Greater Washington region.


Winner: National Science Foundation Fastlane Project, Washington, D.C.





Finalist: The National Missing and Exploited Children's Network, Arlington, VA.

Arts & Entertainment

Finalist: Discovery Channel Online, Bethesda, MD.

Special Award: The AT&T NII Telecollaboration Award

Finalist: ATM Research and Industrial Enterprise System Project (AIRES), Washington, D.C.

For a brief description of all the winners and other finalists, visit the NII Awards Program Web site.

Call for Netpreneur Beta Testers

December 3, 1996 - A focal point for the Potomac KnowledgeWay Netpreneur Program is the Netpreneur Exchange, a Web site for a new kind of entrepreneur – the netpreneur – whose business would not exist without the Internet or network-based communications. The goal of the overall Program is to help netpreneurs bring net-centric products and services to market faster. The Netpreneur Exchange is currently under development, and we're looking for beta testers to provide input on site content and functionality. If you are interested in becoming a beta tester, please send an email to and you will receive your user name and password within 24 hours.

Interactive Underwater Search

December 3, 1996 - Throughout December, Discovery Channel Online (DCOL) will take viewers deep into the Pacific Ocean in search of sunken World War II planes in the historic battleground of Palau. Via live underwater photography, video and daily reports, the online audience will actually go "into" the downed planes off the coast of the Palau Islands. DCOL viewers are encouraged to participate in discussions with divers and scientists as they explore the remains of Japanese and allied planes in this underwater war museum. Join the explorers by visiting DCOL this month.

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