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July 1997 Stories

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The following stories appeared on the Potomac KnowledgeWay's Regional News page during July 1997.

All links within stories are verified at the time of publication, but some may have changed or no longer be available.

Internet Telephony Handset

July 31, 1997 - Maryland-based, Riparius Ventures recently introduced the INT 100CS. The INT 100CS is an Internet telephony telephone handset with a PC sound card. The handset enables users with an Internet connection to make unlimited local and long distance calls over the Web. In addition the INT 100CS includes a trial copy of Netspeak's Webphone 3.0 software. Visit INT 100CS' Web site for more information.

Net-Savvy Areas Schools Recognized

July 30, 1997 - EdView, Inc. recently recognized teachers and students from two area schools for their outstanding use of the Internet in education. North Hagerstown High School, in Maryland, received an award for outstanding Web site and Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, in Virginia, received an award for their outstanding use of the Internet. EdView, Inc., is the producer of the EdView Web browser for K-12 students and schools.

New Channel on Government Insider

July 29, 1997 - Virginia-based, BTG, Inc. recently announced a new channel on the PointCast Network Government Insider™. Government Insider is a free service that uses push technology to bring news and information to those who deal with the federal government. The new channel is called Government Executive, which is a national publication serving senior executives and managers in the federal government. The channel will feature four news items from the magazine: Daily Fed, Politics, Features and the Thrift Savings Plan. Visit Fedcast for more information and to download the Government Insider.

Radio Show Takes the Cyber Road

July 29, 1997 - The AutoNetwork talk radio show now cybercasts live with RealVideo in the Greater Washington and Baltimore areas. The show focuses on informing African Americans about the buying, selling, leasing and financing of new and used cars and may be accessed at the African American's Car Buyer's Guide Web site every Saturday. Based in Reston, Virginia, AutoNetwork's services assist buyers in deciphering financing options, offers advice on obtaining favorable prices and conducts road tests.

Trading System Online

July 25, 1997 - DCT-Internet Corporation recently launched the DCT-On-Line Trading System Web site. DCT-On-Line allows investors to buy/sell securities among themselves, in participating companies, without a commission fee. The trading system matches orders and sends automated e-mail confirmations to the buyer, seller and the transfer agent. In addition, the system may be integrated within a company's Web site or may be used as a stand-alone service. Visit DCT-On-Line for more information and for a demonstration.

E-Mail Industry Watchdog

July 24, 1997 - The Internet Mail Consortium (IMC) is an industry organization which focuses on managing and promoting e-mail. The goals of the IMC include the expansion of e-mail into areas such as commerce and entertainment, advancement of Internet mail technologies and enabling netizens to get the most out of the communications medium. The site includes information on Internet mail standards; personal data interchange technologies; and unsolicited commercial e-mail. In addition, visitors may access the July 1997 issue of the IMC Update newsletter.

Eyes on Mars

July 23, 1997 - n-Vision, Inc. is providing NASA scientists at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory with virtual binoculars. The binoculars enable scientists to view high-resolution images from Mars captured by cameras mounted on the Sojourner rover. Headquaretered in McLean, Virginia, n-Vision, Inc. designs and manufactures 3D immersive display systems for advanced visualization and virtual reality applications. Visit n-Vision's Web site for more information on the virtual binoculars.

Keywords for Audio/Video Clips

July 22, 1997 - Netword LLC, of Arlington, Virginia, recently formed an alliance with Progressive Networks to provide netizens with RealAudio and RealVideo programs by typing "Networds" from Netword's Web site. Networds are keywords for the Internet: a name, word or short phrase that connects users to the desired Internet location without the need to enter a URL. For example, users may enter the Netword "Con Air Clip" and see a RealVideo preview of the Con Air movie. Anyone can register a Netword word or phrase and assign or link it to a URL on the Web. Visit Netword's Web site for more information and to view audio/video samples.

A Kodak Moment in Cyberspace

July 18, 1997 - The KODAK Picture Network allows members to maintain up to 100 photographs in a personal online "studio" of digitally-stored photographic images. In addition, members may e-mail friends and family a "Picture Postcard" and order reprints online. KODAK is currently offering the first three months for free. Visit the Network's Web site for more information and a demo.

Fly the Cyber Airways

July 17, 1997 - Norfolk International Airport (NIA), in Norfolk, Virginia, recently debuted CyberFlyer, a public Internet access booth developed by CyberFlyer Technologies. With the swipe of a credit card, CyberFlyer enables users to access a variety of online services via a high-speed telephone line. Services include sending, retrieving and forwarding e-mail; access to business centers and banking services; information on local weather, activities and restaurants; and surfing the Web. Visit NIA's Web site for more information.

Discussion Forum for Nonprofits

July 16, 1997 - Washington, D.C.-based, Interactive Applications Group (iapps) recently launched the OrgWeb e-mail Discussion List. OrgWeb is a forum for nonprofit organizations to exchange ideas and experiences related to the Internet and their Web sites. This discussion list grew out of an Internet content creation tool developed by iapps called Orgitecture. Visit Orgitecture's Web site for more information.

Follow the Money Online

July 15, 1997 - PBS' "Follow the Money" recently launched its companion Web site. The T.V. series addresses issues related to the congressional campaign finance hearings and reform efforts. The site includes coverage of the hearings, program transcripts and forums; comments from guest columnists and the public; and a history and humor section. Follow the Money is part of the PBS Democracy Project T.V. series, an initiative to develop coverage of current events and political issues.

Earth and Space Form Partnership

July 14, 1997 - Square Earth Inc. recently formed an alliance with SpaceWorks, Inc., the developer of OrderManager™ Internet commerce software application for remote order entry. As a result of the agreement, Square Earth will build turn-key Web commerce solutions for wholesalers and manufacturers that feature OrderManager's order processing, management and fulfillment functionality. SpaceWorks, based in Rockville, Maryland, develops a suite of electronic commerce software applications for use on the Internet, through corporate intranets and over extranets.

Tennis Classic Online

July 11, 1997 - The Legg Mason Tennis Classic is online on the Legg Mason Investment Center Web site. The site includes tickets and parking information and visitors may access the official player acceptance list. In addition, visitors may enter a contest to win a pair of tickets to one of the semi-final matches. During the tournament, visitors may access current scores and updates as well. Visit the Tennis Classic's Web site for more information.

Web-Based Training Solutions

July 10, 1997 - Three Northern Virginia companies - Beta Resources, MetaSystems Design Group and MyriadMedia - recently launched The Training Place Web site. Headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, The Training Place produces custom-designed training courses for delivery over the Web to corporate and educational clients. The site includes a demonstration of Web-based training which features an interactive quiz, hands-on exercises and a conference discussion area.

War on Computer Viruses

July 9, 1997 - Symantec Antivirus Research Center (SARC) recently reported that over half of computer users do not update their anti-virus software. SARC's Web site includes a searchable database on specific viruses and information on virus hoaxes and regional outbreaks. Visitors may download updates to anti-virus software programs. In addition, visitors may sign up for an anti-virus electronic newsletter update. Visit SARC's site for more information.

Rover Fetches Information from Mars

July 8, 1997 - Virginia-based, Telos® Corporation, an information technology company, recently developed the software architecture and programs for the Pathfinder MicroRover, which is being used in the Mars space mission. Rover is a robotic vehicle that collects data and transmits surface images from Mars back to Earth. Rover receives daily commands via radio frequency uplink from operators at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) and Telos. Visit JPL's Web site for more information and to view Rover's images.

Virtual Clubhouse for Teens

July 7, 1997 - Campaign For Our Children, a national teen pregnancy prevention program, recently launched Room 411, an online clubhouse for adolescents. Room 411 features a cast of characters who communicate the happenings of their daily lives via e-mail. The cast, played by five real adolescents, vary in their cultural and economic backgrounds and they share tips and opinions about issues young adults deal with, such as where to go on a first date and how to deal with difficult family situations. In addition, teens who log on may e-mail their opinions or questions about their personal life-experiences and receive responses from the cast.

Fireworks Netcast in Real Time

July 3, 1997 - In an effort to allow U.S. Armed Forces personnel abroad to experience the fireworks over the Washington Monument, PSINet, Inc. will broadcast the event via the Internet. PSINet will talke live video feed from a server provided by TVontheWeb and rebroadcast the fireworks display in real time to Web viewers. In addition, TVontheWeb has choreographed the event to a simulcast audio program. Visit TVontheWeb for more information and to download the VDOLive Player. PSINet is a global Internet provider headquartered in Herndon, Virginia.

Federal Desktop Reference

July 3, 1997 - Virginia-based, BTG, Inc. and PointCast, Inc. recently introduced "Government Insider," a free news and information service that will bring breaking news to the users' desktops. Viewers may customize their service choosing among news, stock information and industry updates. Additional channels of information include news from the Pentagon, legislative updates from Capitol Hill and news for government executives. Visit FedCast to download Government Insider.

Area School Receives Grant

July 3, 1997 - Beauvoir Elementary School, in Washington, D.C., recently awarded $10,000 worth of equipment, services and training from Cisco Systems, Inc.'s Virtual Schoolhouse Grant Program. The grants enable schools to take advantage of Internet benefits such as access to libraries throughout the world, research projects, cross-cultural studies and the exchange of ideas with childrens' peers across the globe. To apply for the grant, schools needed to develop a plan and demonstrate the ability to support and implement a campus local area network and to connect to the Internet. Beauvoir was one of the selected 50 winners out of more than 600 entries.

Around-the-Clock Access

July 1, 1997 - CAIS Internet, of McLean, Virginia, recently launched OverVoice (SM), a high-speed Internet technology. OverVoice uses existing telephone wiring to provide consumers with simultaneous phone service and continuous access to the Internet. To utilize the technology, consumers need to have a standard Ethernet card (a network interface card) for their computers. OverVoice uses a high-speed dedicated line between a multi-dwelling unit building and an ISP. Initially, the service will be available at the Arlington Courthouse Plaza Apartments in Virginia and the Washington Marriott Hotel in Washington, D.C.

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