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August 1997 Stories

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The following stories appeared on the Potomac KnowledgeWay's Regional News page during August 1997.

All links within stories are verified at the time of publication, but some may have changed or no longer be available.

Resource for Web Developers

August 29, 1997 - AGD Studio recently added two resources for Web developers to their site: the Web Development Talent Bank Worldwide and the Web Development Professionals Forum. At the Talent Bank, visitors may search and contact other Web developers, programmers, artists or marketing specialists for advice, tips or answers to questions. The Web Development Professionals Forum enables developers to post questions online regarding site development, programming, marketing and public relations. In addition, the site includes an interactive chat area for Web developers.

Local Firm Publishes Report

August 29, 1997 - Charlottesville, Virginia-based, Communications Industry Research (CIR) recently published volume two of "Beyond T1/E1: A Global Study of Access Technology Opportunities." Based on CIR's ongoing research on broadband access and technological opportunities, volume two examines the market for service providers and technology suppliers in Western Europe, Latin America, Asia and the Pacific Rim. The report includes forecasts of high-speed access installations and profiles vendors of high-speed access equipment active on the international scene. Visit CIR's Web site for more information and to order the report.

Virtual Conference on Training & Learning

August 28, 1997 - The Training Place (TTP) will hold a virtual conference beginning September 15 entitled "Web Based Training/On-Line Learning (WBT/OLL)." The conference will provide a forum for educators and trainers to interact with their colleagues on issues impacting online training and learning. In addition, WBT/OLL will feature open workshops on instructional design; multimedia integration; and policy, education and the Telecom Act. TTP, based in Arlington, Virginia, develops Web-based training solutions for corporate, government and educational clients. Visit TTP's Web site for more information and to register for the conference.

Tax Break for Computer Donations

August 26, 1997 - According to a provision included in the tax and budget bills recently signed by President Clinton, companies donating old computers to public and private schools are now eligible for a tax break. The legislation, known as the 21st Century Classrooms Act, states that any company donating a computer less than two years old to a K-12 school will get a full deduction on the cost of the machine. Visit the PEP National Directory of Computer Recycling Programs for a listing on recycling centers in the Greater Washington area.

Expanding Storage Capabilities

August 25, 1997 - Network Storage Solutions, Inc. (NSS) recently released SPANStor™ software, which enables users to convert a PCI-based Pentium computer into a storage server. SPANStor enables administrators to expand their network's storage capacities and increases throughput for network clients. The software supports a variety of protocol platforms including TCP/IP and HTML and may be administered via a Web browser, Telnet, Serial Terminal or Console. Visit NSS's Web site for more information and to download a trialware version. Headquartered in Herndon, Virginia, NSS specializes in software development and marketing for the network storage market.

Back to School Report

August 20, 1997M - ZDNet, an online news service, has put together a report on the role of technology in schools in "Back to School '97." The report addresses issues ranging from the effect of computer use in education to tackling learning disabilities. In addition, the report includes information for students, teachers and parents such as online resources for homework help, buying computers for kids, and selecting software for preschoolers.

Surf the Web with Alexa

August 21, 1997 - Alexa Internet is a free Web navigation tool that provides users with continuous suggestions about where to go next on the Web based on the users' Web surfing patterns. The Alexa toolbar is displayed on the user's desktop; features include background information on Web sites, such as site owner and geographic location. In addition, the tool allows for instant messaging with other Alexa users online. Visit Alexa's Web site to download the tool and qualify to win a trip to Hawaii.

Network Broadcast Via Satellite

August 20, 1997 - The University of Maryland's Human-Computer Interaction Laboratory (HCIL) will present an overview of human-computer interaction in connection with the publication of Dr. Ben Shneiderman's book, "Designing the User Interface", on Wednesday, September 17. In a live, interactive broadcast, Dr. Schneiderman will discuss large screen displays, speech input/output, computer-supported collaborative work, educational computing, virtual environments and agents. For a license fee, organizations may set up a local broadcast site. For more information, visit HCIL's Web site.

"Miles for Smiles" Tour

August 19, 1997 - Hewlett Packard is currently showcasing the HP PhotoSmart PC photography system in the "Miles for Smiles" tour which will be in the Greater Washington region beginning September 5. The system includes a digital camera, a photo scanner, a photo printer, photo imaging software and photo paper. Picture-takers may enhance photos on their PC and incorporate those images in a variety of projects such as calendars, newsletters, invitations and the Internet. Visit HP PhotoSmart's Web site for more information and for tour dates and locations.

Redskins Cornerback Goes Online

August 18, 1997 - Redskins' Darrell Green recently launched his Web site. The site includes a picture gallery; information on Darrell's career highlights and records; and Redskins-related news links. Visitors may access information on ordering autographed Darrell Green merchandise and e-mail requests for promotional appearances. In addition, Darrell will auction off a jersey worn by him in each of the eight home games this season; each jersey will have a personalized autograph. Visit Darrell's Web site for more information.

Automate the World Wide Web

August 15, 1997 - Fairfax, Virginia-based webMethods, Inc., a provider of Web automation and integration solutions, recently released version 2.1 of their Web Automation Toolkit. The Toolkit provides an Application Program Interface to the Web, which enables companies to place their Web site in their customers', suppliers' and partners' application infrastructure. webMethods' Web automation technology enables business information systems to automatically exchange data with any Web site without the need for a browser. Features of the latest release include C/C++ and JavaScript support; enhanced visual interface; and automation of e-commerce over the Web. Visit webMethods' Web site for more information and to download a free evaluation copy, or view a demo, of the Toolkit.

Heating Up the Office

August 14, 1997 - HotOffice Technologies recently released HotOffice, a virtual office Internet program for small businesses, workgroups and frequent travelers. HotOffice is a subscription-based suite of applications and services such as e-mail; virtual meetings; electronic forums; online document publishing and posting; online directory assistance; and travel arrangements. Currently in beta testing, the technology enables users to work from anywhere outside of their office with an Internet connection and Web browser. HotOffice is for small businesses, workgroups, road warriors and companies on the grow. Visit HotOffice's Web site for more information, to take a tour or to sign up for the beta program.

Going, Going, Gone!

August 13, 1997 - The Internet Shoppers' Price Guide's Web site,, holds daily auctions on PC hardware, software, accessories and video games. In addition, visitors may request price quotes from vendors on a computer system based on their preferences and join an e-mail list to receive announcements on monthly specials. Visit Top7's Web site for more information and to bid on products online.

Computer Center Opens in D.C.

August 12, 1997 - The National Urban Internet (NUI) will open a computer center in the Anacostia community of Washington, D.C. on Wednesday, August 13. The center will include Internet access and a variety of classes designed to train low income, public housing, public assistance, unemployed and other individuals for gainful employment. The center also includes continuous employment and online technical assistance. NUI attempts to connect low income communities with schools in their area in an effort to facilitate communication between parents and school officials. E-mail John Rosenthall for more information.

Let the Games Begin...

August 11, 1997 - Maryland-based Simutronics, a developer of online multiplayer games, recently launched Web sites for its four most popular online games: Gemstone III, DragonRealms , CyberStrike and Modus Operandi. Previously available solely through online services such as AOL, CompuServe and Prodigy, members may now access the games directly from any Web browser. Each site includes a message board and the Advanced Wizard Front End, which enables players to view their "inventory," "health" and "wealth" status. Visit Simutronics' Web site for more information and to sign up for a two-week free trial.

Routing Web-Based Faxing

August 8, 1997 - Clarity Software, a supplier of Web-based communication software, recently introduced Director Pack. Director Pack is an add-on module in the Fax Pack series for use with MagicFax, a Web-based faxing software which routes all faxes over the Internet. Director Pack enables corporations to route incoming faxes directly to the recipient's desktop, eliminating the need for individual modems and phone lines, while maintaining user privacy. For a limited time, MagicFax is available as a free download from the MagicFax Web site.

Last Call for Virtual Expo

August 7, 1997 - Last calls are underway for the American Small Business Association's Inventors and Entrepreneurs Worldwide Expo '97. The Expo is a virtual trade show bringing together buyers and sellers in an interactive, multimedia online event focusing on inventions, small business products and entrepreneurial services. The event kicks off Friday, August 29 and will run for three months. Visit the Expo's Web site for more information and to view a demo of a "virtual" booth.

KPMG's Taxpayer Site

August 6, 1997 - KPMG Peat Marwick LLP recently launched The Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 Web site. The site includes highlights of the Tax Act; a "Question of the Day"; and KPMG's Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 booklet, which includes information on tax reductions and revenue raisers. In addition, the site includes a "Tax Calculations" section where visitors may read about a variety of hypothetical situations, such as being a single parent attending college or a middle class couple with a recent home sale, and how the Tax Act may impact them.

Hanging Out on the

August 5, 1997 - The Outpost Network recently launched a Web site for children called At visitors may purchase cards, postcards and specialty letters and send them to friends, family members and celebrities. Children may also subscribe to kids' magazines, order catalogs or browse the bookstore. In addition, kids can submit their artwork, poems and party ideas for display on the Web site. Visit for more information.

Virtual U Redesigns Web Site

August 4, 1997 - Spectrum Virtual University recently redesigned their Web site in time for Fall 1997 classes. The site includes chat, volunteering information and "learning channels." Each learning channel has a classroom area, library and a Web-based bulletin board where students can ask questions and participate in online discussions with instructors and fellow students. In addition, users may subscribe to the Virtual U mailing list and receive the Calendar of Classes via e-mail, which is published on the 25th of every month. Visit Virtual U's Web site for more information and to enroll for Fall classes.

Wall Street Journal Updates Site

August 1, 1997 - The Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition recently added Barron's Online to their Web site. Barron's Online, the interactive edition of Barron's Business and Financial Weekly, is now available to Interactive Journal subscribers. Barrons provides coverage, commentary and roundtable discussions on issues relating to the stock market. In addition, subscribers may now access daily reports and market updates in the Interactive Journal's Money & Investing section. Visit the Interactive Journal's Web site for more information and for a two-week free trial.

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