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October 1997 Stories

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The following stories appeared on the Potomac KnowledgeWay's Regional News page during October 1997.

All links within stories are verified at the time of publication, but some may have changed or no longer be available.

Findlaw Adds Resources to Site

October 30, 1997 - FindLaw Internet Legal Resources recently added LegalMinds and the FindLaw Government, Business and People Reference Directories to their Web site. LegalMinds contains an archive of Internet discussion lists of interest to the legal community. The lists are searchable and browseable by author, date and discussion topic and are organized into categories such as attorney lists, legal newsletters, and legal classified lists. FindLaw Government, Business and People Reference Directories enables visitors to search for court phone numbers, addresses and other government contact information; maps, city information and Yellow Pages are also available. Visit Findlaw for more information.

Request Surplus Federal Computers Online

October 28, 1997 - The "Computers for Learning" program recently launched a Web site that will allow schools and educational non-profits to request surplus federal computer equipment. Federal agencies will then use the site to match the participating schools with the equipment they have available. In addition to registering on the Web site, eligible organizations can learn how to create a plan for addressing computer needs and assessing different types of computer equipment; and find assistance in computer upgrading and refurbishing. Visit the "Computers for Learning" Web site for more information.

New Section on Freedom Forum's Site

October 23, 1997 - The Freedom Forum recently added a technology area to their Web site. The section includes information and current news on journalism and the Internet and a calendar of events relating to journalism. Based in Arlington, Virginia, the Freedom Forum is an international foundation dedicated to free press and free speech whose mission is to help the public and the news media understand one another better. Visit their Web site for more information.

Web Tools for Public Affairs Sites

October 27, 1997 - Washington, D.C.-based Net.Capitol, Inc. and Morph Technologies, Inc., of Reston, Viriginia, recently announced a partnership to create a Web site development system for public affairs and political professionals. The system will enable non-technical communicators to build and maintain full-featured Web sites without programming knowledge or experience. The system is based on Morph Technologies' DynaMorph language, which provides a platform for integrating browser, server and database technologies into Web-based applications for Internet, intranet and extranet needs.

Halloween Section for Kids Online

October 23, 1997 - NMP, Inc. recently developed the "Halloween Fun" section of UNICEF's ChildrenFirst Web site. As part of the "Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF" campaign, the Halloween page for kids features spooky riddles, mischievous desktop creatures and festive screen savers that may be sent to friends online. In addition, children may send java images that may be colored online. NMP, Inc., based in Falls Church, Virginia, is a developer of Internet, intranet and extranet solutions.

Local Firm Releases Courses

October 23, 1997 - Media Directions Interactive, Inc. (MDI) recently released the IP TRILOGY product line of interactive, multimedia, self-study courses covering TCP/IP networking topics. The series consists of three titles: "Understanding IP Routing Protocols," "Understanding IP Addressing and Subnetworking," and "Understanding Variable Length Subnet Masking." Based in Reston, Virginia, MDI is a developer of multimedia interactive software products. Visit their Web site for more information and to order a free IP demo CD.

Graduate Course Offered Online

October 21, 1997 - "The Virtual Organization" (VORG), a graduate distance course, is now being offered by the Program on Social and Organizational Learning at George Mason University. Students in VORG build a virtual organization; encounter the challenges associated with distributed work; and learn how to manage and coordinate their efforts. The student-created organization is equipped with e-mail, telephone conferencing capabilities and a collaborative writing tool. Visit VORG's Web page for more information.

Local Dining Guide on the Web

October 20, 1997 - The Web Dining Guide (WDG) enables visitors to search for restaurants by area, cuisine or dish. The site features "Rovers," online coupon offers at select area restaurants, and a "Restaurant of the Week." In addition, members may enter to win a night out for two at a WDG restaurant, including limousine service and tickets to a movie, play, or other entertainment. The WDG site was developed by Maryland-based Gecko World Graphics, Inc. and the Wellman Corporation of Fairfax, Virginia.

Action Team Provides Resources

October 17, 1997 - The Potomac KnowledgeWay Project Action Teams help interest groups understand how to apply the tools of information technology and electronic commerce to advance their cause. The Abilities Action Team aim to tap the potential of individuals with disabilities. The team recently made a listing of regional resources for individuals with disabilities available on the KnowledgeWay Project's Web site. Visit the Action Teams' homepage for more information.

TenFour Releases Add-Ons

October 16, 1997 - TenFour recently developed the TFS Translator™ and TFS Webwaiter™ add-on options for TFS Gateway™ Version 3.1 The Gateway is an e-mail connectivity solution that allows users to connect to LAN-based e-mail systems, alphanumeric pagers or other e-mail platforms. The Translator enables users to translate their outgoing e-mail messages into either German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian or English. Webwaiter is a retrieval system. By sending an e-mail request to the "waiter," users may have information from a specific URL delivered to their desktop without logging on the Net. Headquartered in Reston, Virginia, TenFour develops gateway software for the delivery of e-mail between different LAN-based networks and the Internet. Visit their Web site for more information.

Honoring Women in the Military

October 15, 1997 - On Saturday, October 18, The Women in Military Service for America Memorial, Inc. (WIMSA) will dedicate a memorial to honor women who have served, or are serving, in the U. S. armed forces. In addition, the memorial will document and share women's experiences, sacrifices and achievements. WIMSA is currently in search of over 1 million women in, or retired from, the armed forces to include in the memorial. Visit their Web site for more information.

WCO Adds Commerce Section

October 15, 1997 - Women's Connection Online recently added an electronic commerce section to their Web site. The Commerce Exchange™ offers products and services solutions for professional women and women business-owners. The WCO Marketplace™ offers products and services addressing the personal needs of businesswomen. The commerce section features retailers such as IBM, 1-800 Flowers, and Enterprising Women, which will offer WCO referral customers a special subscription rate for a limited time. Visit WCO's site for more information.

Temporary Solutions, Inc. Goes Online

October 15, 1997 - Virginia-based Temporary Solutions, Inc., a temporary staffing service, recently launched their Web site. The site features a "Create Your Dream Job" page which guides visitors through the process defining their career goals and developing a strategy to attain them. In addition, the site includes a listing of job openings; information on receiving resume help; and an calendar of workshops and job fairs. Visit Temporary Solution's Web site - developed by Completed Systems, Inc., of Vienna, Virginia - for more information

Bird Guides Featured Online

October 10, 1997 - The Stackpole Books publishing house recently went online and launched the Wild Bird Sweepstakes,to promote the release of the "Wild Bird Guides" series. The site features book excerpts and photos from the "Black-capped Chickadee" and the "Northern Cardinal", the first books in the series. Visit Stackpole's Web site for details on the sweepstakes and to order the books online. The site was developed by NextWave Communications of Great Falls, Viriginia.

Local Company Launches Sites

October 9, 1997 - Virginia-based WebAmerica, Inc., a subsidiary of Integrated Digital Systems/ScanAmerica, Inc., recently launched two Web Sites, Real-Tours™ and the Greater Manassass Community. Real-Tours enables real estate agents to provide home-buyers with digital home tours and other services on the Net. The Greater Manassas Community is a regional community site that contains a variety of information including local events, employment opportunities and historic sites to visit.

Web Site Evaluation Service

October 8, 1997 - Skyline Network Technologies, Inc. now offers a Web site evaluation service. For a fee, Skyline consultants will evaluate Web sites for navigational and comprehension capabilities; design and graphic creation; interactive qualities and programming; and determine advertising and marketing maximization. The consultants will then prepare a report explaining the strengths and weaknesses of the site and include their recommendations. Skyline Network Technologies is a multimedia development firm based in Baltimore, Maryland. Visit their Web site for more information.

Site Features Content Channels

October 6, 1997 - C|NET news service recently launched the SNAP! Online Web site, which organizes the Web into channels such as news, sports, money, entertainment and travel. Snap! features content from Web publishers like CNN, ESPN, MSNBC and Discovery Online and includes a browsable directory of Web sites, chat rooms, Internet events and weather. In addition, visitors may personalize SNAP! to obtain local weather forecasts, lottery numbers, personal stock quotes and horoscopes.

Virtual Office on the Web

October 3, 1997 - Netscape Communications Corp. and Concentric Network Corp. recently launched a private intranet service called, "Netscape Virtual Office by Concentric," for a monthly fee. The service enables users to communicate, collaborate and store information online with the ability to access their "office" from anywhere on the Internet. Features include HTML e-mail , Web publishing and private discussion forums. Visit Netscape's Web site for more information.

Visit CRiS At A Nearby Library

October 2, 1997 - The County Resident Information Services (CRiS), a multimedia kiosk system providing local information to Fairfax County residents, was recently launched in nine County libraries. CRiS includes employment listings for job seekers, enables residents to pay for their taxes online and contains information on elected county representatives. Fairfax County, the International Center for Applied Studies in Information Technology (ICASIT) at George Mason University and the Redmon Group collaborated on the CRiS project. Visit ICASIT's Web site for more information.

Networking Newsletter On the Web

October 1, 1997 - Virginia-based CIR Inc. recently made its "High-Speed Networking Newsletter," which addresses issues in the broadband networking industry, available online. The newsletter provides news and analyses on ATM, frame relay, Ethernet, LAN switching, fiber optics and other networking technologies. In addition, the newsletter provides financial and other information on companies in the broadband market. For a limited time, CIR is offering a two-month free trial; visit their Web site for more information.

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