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November 1997 Stories

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The following stories appeared on the Potomac KnowledgeWay's Regional News page during November 1997.

All links within stories are verified at the time of publication, but some may have changed or no longer be available.

Donate to Charity by Visiting New Site

November 25, 1997 - Eyegive enables members to donate to their favorite worthy cause every time they access the Internet, at no cost to members or nonprofit organizations. Members set their Web browsers to access eyegive as their start page and whenever a member logs on to the Internet, they view personalized home pages containing advertisements tailored to their interests. Every time a member clicks on an ad, their designated nonprofit earns a donation. Visit eyegive for more information.

Web Conference for Nonprofits

November 24, 1997 - Arlington, Virginia-based The Zeff Group and the Philanthropy Journal Online are sponsoring "Nonprofits Online '98: Working the Web, Transforming the Sector" on January 30. The conference is aimed at helping nonprofit organizations improve their use of the World Wide Web for fundraising, marketing and service delivery. Conference and networking sessions will address a variety of Internet-related issues such as using the Web as a marketing tool, Internet strategic planning for nonprofits and virtual volunteering. Capacity is limited to the first 500 registrants. Visit the Nonprofits Online '98 Web site for more information.

Web Pages For Independent Musicians

November 20, 1997 - Band Networking Services recently developed the Bandpages Web site, an online community of independent musicians. Bandpages features Web pages on a variety of independent artists, ranging from blues, folk and jazz to pop, ska, and heavy. The Web pages contain biographies, tour dates and contact information for the various artists. Band Networking Services, based in Manassas, Virginia, provides Web applications, network administration and other networking services for small- to medium-sized businesses.

CAIS Offers Internet Telephony

November 20, 1997 - CAIS Internet, an ISP headquartered in McLean, Virginia, now offers a Web-enabled long distance telephone service available through an agreement with Networks Telephony Corporation. To place a call, subscribers use their PC while surfing the Web; CAIS switches the call from the Internet to an NTC communications network and makes the connection to the called party through a local telephone company. In addition to voice service, CAIS also offers Web-enabled NTC communication products such as fax service, international and domestic long distance Internet access through a local call, and global toll- free 800 service.

Thanksgiving with Reader's Digest

November 18, 1997 - The Thanksgiving with Reader's Digest Web site contains recipe ideas for traditional or vegetarian dinners; projects and crafts such as leaf sun-catchers; and suggestions for the holiday host. In addition, the site includes a forum for the sharing of Thanksgiving stories and contains an online bookstore of holiday-related books.

ComNet '98 Call for Entries

November 18, 1997 - IDG Expo Management Company, of Washington, D.C., recently announced a call for entries for best new products in enterprise networking. The call is for the New Product Achievement Awards Competition segment of ComNet '98. ComNet '98 is a conference and exposition dedicated to wide area telecommunications and data communications networking. The event will take place January 26-29 at the Washington, D.C. Convention Center. The deadline for entries to the New Product Achievement Awards Competition is December 12.

Nequity Addresses Small Firms' Needs

November 14, 1997 - Nequity, of Richmond, Virginia, is a Web-based service that offers information, advice and services addressing the needs of small businesses and entrepreneurs. Services include a direct marketing program planning and execution; travel reservations and expense tracking; and press release development and distribution. In addition, registered customers may purchase products and services online, read news customized to their interests and communicate with other Nequity members via bulletin boards and chats. Visit Nequity's Web site for more information and to register for a 90-day free trial.

DCOL Launches Book Talk

November 13, 1997 - Discovery Channel Online (DCOL) recently launched Book Talk, an online book club and discussion group. Book Talk features a different book every to weeks that will relate to Discovery themes: history, nature, science, technology and exploration. In addition, visitors may share opinions, correspond with the book's author and submit ideas for a book. The site also includes a Book Store page that lists DCOL editors' favorite titles across all Discovery genres that visitors may purchase online.

Hear Supreme Court Case Arguments

November 13, 1997 - Oyez, Oyez, Oyez, an online multimedia database about the United States Supreme Court, now brings U.S. Supreme Court Oral Arguments online. In addition, visitors may take a virtual tour of the Supreme Court building and read biographies and view pictures of the 108 justices who have served on the Court. The site also provides recordings of announcements of Court opinions and contains an area entitled, "On This Date in US Supreme Court History." Visit Oyez, Oyez, Oyez's Web site for more information.

CIT Posts RFP for TIC on Site

November 11, 1997 - Virginia's Center for Innovative Technology (CIT) recently posted a Request for Proposal (RFP) document on their Web site. The RFP is for soliciting proposals to establish new technology development and application centers, called Technology Innovation Centers (TIC). Companies are invited to join with colleges, universities or federal labs to be partners in the new centers; proposals are due March 1, 1998.

Schoolhouse on the Web

November 11, 1997 - The Digital Schoolhouse is an online program designed to educate children about technology and the Internet. The site includes a section where kids may e-mail questions about technology and it contains a listing of online resources in a variety of subjects including Geography, Music and Science. In addition, kids may submit a review of their favorite book, film/video or music and engage in bulletin board or chat discussions that interest them. Visit the Schoolhouse's Web site for more information.

Maryland Nurses Resource Online

November 5, 1997 - The Maryland Nurses Association District 5 (MNA 5) recently went online. MNA promotes the occupation of nursing, provides development services to nurses and lobbies on behalf of nurses in the Greater Washington region. The site contains an electronic version of the MNA 5 newsletter, a calendar of events for nurses, links to other nursing and health care sites on the Web and information on educational opportunities for nurses in the area. The MNA 5 Web site was developed by Maryland-based Don Vandrey Associates.

Back to Bartering

November 6, 1997 - The Potomac KnowledgeWay Netpreneur Program recently launched the Barter Board service. The Barter Board provides a way for members of the community to trade among themselves for goods and services. The service consists of a form for submitting barter opportunities, an e-mail broadcast of current offers and a Web-based listing of active opportunities, called the Barter Board Archives. Visit the Netpreneur Exchange for more information.

Web-Based Training with WebMentor

November 6, 1997 - Arlington, Virginia-based Avilar Technologies, Inc. recently released WebMentor, a browser-based training program delivered via the Internet, intranets or extranets. The WebMentor environment enables students and teachers to communicate using e-mail, bulletin boards and forums, and includes application sharing, chat rooms and video and audio conferencing. In addition, WebMentor offers authoring and course design capabilities that enable the adjustment of courseware to the needs of the individual student. Visit Avilar Technologies' Web site for more information and to participate in a demo.

Resource for Ex-Military Personnel

November 6, 1997 - Washington, D.C.-based Transition Assistance Online (TAO) is an employment-search Web site for transitioning military personnel. Visitors may browse job postings from selected employers or submit their resume to be included in TAO's database for employers seeking to hire transitioning military service-members and veterans. In addition, the site includes an "Entrepreneur Center"; information on veteran's benefits and reserve matters; and an electronic store that offers products and services of interest to former service-members.

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