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December 1997 Stories

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The following stories appeared on the Potomac KnowledgeWay's Regional News page during December 1997.

All links within stories are verified at the time of publication, but some may have changed or no longer be available.

Southwestern Goods and Stories

December 30, 1997 - The Electric Desert Web site sells gifts from Santa Fe, New Mexico and the greater Southwest region. The site offers Southwestern and Native American art and antiquities; jewelry; New Mexican food baskets; and Contemporary art and furniture by regional artists. In addition, the Electric Desert features stories of the Southwest, such as the house built from tires and soda cans. Visit the Electric Desert for more information.

Home Access Redesigns Site

December 29, 1997 - Home Access Health Corporation recently redesigned their Web site for consumers, health educators and public health officials interested in purchasing the company's HIV at-home test products. The site provides secure online ordering, links to HIV-related information on the Web and includes an interactive marketing survey. In addition, public health officials interested in demographic data among at-home test users may download the Home Access HIV Counseling and Testing Report.

Local Company Launches Jewel's Site

December 26, 1997 - Interactive Applications Group (iapps), recently launched the official Web site for Jewel, the singer/songwriter. The site includes a scrapbook featuring behind-the-scenes pictures from Jewel's video and photo shoots; a calendar containing Jewel's tour, television and magazine appearances; and links to other Jewel-related Web sites. In addition, visitors may purchase items including posters, t-shirts and Jewel's lyric book from "The Jewel Store." Based in Washington, D.C., iapps is a developer of Web sites and Internet products.

Mortgage Lending via E-Loan

December 23, 1997 - E-Loan, Inc. is a multilender Internet mortgage company that offers a variety of loan products to users over the Web. E-Loan reduces the transaction costs associated with obtaining a home loan by eliminating the need for an agent. The E-Loan Web site enables borrowers to fill out a form to determine the best mortgage for their needs, learn more about the loan process via E-Loan's Online Resources page and set up a free mortgage monitoring account that will age and compare their current loan against the market on a daily basis. In addition, visitors may search for the lowest rates available, compare loans, lock in on a loan and apply online. Visit the E-Loan Web site for more information.

Vitamins on the Web

December 21, 1997 - Isis Interactive of Bethesda, Maryland, an interactive publishing company, has launched Vitamins Plus, e-commerce site dedicated to the worldwide sale of non-prescription health products. Shoppers may choose from a variety of health products and vitamins and make their purchases via credit card, phone, fax or mail. Vitamins Plus profiles popular supplements and categorizes them by brand name and individual needs. In addition, CD-ROMs on the topics of vitamins and alternative medicine may also be purchased from the Web site.

Cervical Cancer Information Online

December 19, 1997 - NeoPath, Inc. has created a Web site that provides information about Pap smears to clinicians, lab professionals and women. The site provides information on epidemiology, liability issues and links to cervical cancer Web sites. In addition, the site includes a section on women's health issues such as a guide to a woman's annual health exam and a cervical cancer health glossary. NeoPath, Inc., based in Redmond, Washington, creates visual intelligence technology to increase accuracy in medical testing and is dedicated to the fight of cervical cancer.

"Electronic Incentives"

December 18, 1997 - Emaginet, Inc., of Bethesda, Maryland, recently launched e-centives, a free Internet service that enables subscribers to receive savings and special offers on products and services of interest to them. During registration, visitors complete a profile so that the e-centives Organizer may collect only those promotions and offers that match their preferences. Consumers can collect e-centives by visiting participating Web sites, by clicking on banner ads that support e-centives or by requesting e-mail e-centives. E-centives are redeemable online or at retail locations.

Web Site Tune Up

December 18, 1997 - Web Site Garage is a one-stop shop where corporate, small business and SOHO-based businesses can have their Web site "serviced." During the free tune up, the Garage produces a summary and makes recommendations based on how well a Web page rates in five categories, such as load time, spelling and HTML design. For a fee, the mechanics at the garage may perform a turbocharge, which addresses three critical areas in maintaining and promoting a Web site. Visit the Web Site Garage for more information.

New Year Resolutions Web Site

December 17, 1997 - The New Year Resolution Web site contains information on the history and tradition of New Year resolutions and offers predictions for 1998. The site contains a New Year's Eve Party News section that highlights festivities taking place across the U.S. and around the world. In addition, visitors may add their resolution for display on the 1998 Resolution Board and enter to win a New Year Resolution Kit. The site also includes a gift area that offers such items as ritual candles and quotable T-shirts. Visit the New Year Resolution Web site for more information.

Site Features New Tax Law Information

December 17, 1997 - The Peoples Income Tax, Inc.'s recently enhanced Web site includes an overview and summary of the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997. It also includes links to other tax-related Web sites such as the IRS home page and the GAO Report on the IRS. In addition, the site includes information on becoming a tax preparer via the Income Tax SchoolŪ, offers guidelines for choosing a tax preparer and provides tools and tips for tax practitioners. Based in Richmond, Virginia, the Peoples Income Tax, Inc. provides tax practice management support to independent tax practitioners.

Banking Via Web-based Kiosks

December 17, 1997 - In a licensing agreement with North Communications, M&I Data Services is now selling banking kiosks to their customers nationwide. Bank customers will have access to Web-based electronic banking through touchscreen kiosks that resemble Automated Teller Machines. Via these kiosks, customers can apply for home and auto loans; open checking and savings accounts; access account information; and query consumer information such as determining the value of an automobile and obtaining current stock quotes. North Communications is a designer, manufacturer and operator of transactional kiosk networks. M&I Data Services offers software and services to financial institutions. Visit North Communications' Web site to learn more.

Fiesta Bowl Online

December 17, 1997 - Cox Interactive Media recently launched the official Web site of the 27th annual Tostitos Fiesta Bowl. The site includes team statistics, a Tostitos Fiesta-Bowl quiz and visitor information on the Greater Phoenix area. Visitors may chat with other fans, score prizes playing "Kick-It" and vote for the team they think will win. In addition, the site includes a history section that features game summaries and video clips of memorable plays from the previous Fiesta Bowls.

Interactive Shopping at Gap Online

December 12, 1997 - Clothing retailer, GAP, Inc. recently launched GAP Online. The site features a free "organizer" that stores member personal shipping and billing information so that it automatically appears during checkout. The organizer allows customers to enter gift dates, and then Gap Online will send e-mail reminders 14 days before each occasion. Visitors may also preview outfits by mixing and matching various clothing options using the interactive "Virtual Style" feature. Through December 31st, new registrants will be entered to win a $500 gift certificate to GAP. Visit GAP Online for more information.

Voice E-Mail Messaging

December 11, 1997 - ITServ recently launched the beta version of FirsGate, an Internet communications platform. The platform enables customers to send and receive voice e-mail messages via a telephone, without the use of a computer or Internet connection. Using a touch-tone phone, a subscriber calls the FirstGate server, designates a recipient and records a voice message. FirstGate compresses and converts the message into a WAV audio file, attaches the file to an e-mail and sends it to the recipient. Visit ITServ's Web site to participate in the beta program and for more information.

GII Award for Netpreneurs

December 8, 1997 - A new award category of the Global Information Infrastructure (GII) Awards will honor top entrepreneurs of the emerging networks economy. The GII Netpreneur Award, sponsored by MCI, was created by the GII Awards in collaboration with the Morino Institute. The award will recognize the best of Internet entrepreneurs, or "Netpreneurs," whose businesses are built entirely around the Internet in order to create, market and distribute their products and services. Visit the GII Awards Web site for more information.

Workforce Initiatives for Senior Citizens

December 8, 1997 - Green Thumb, based in Arlington, Virginia, recently partnered with Microsoft Corp. to address the growing information technology (IT) work force shortage by recruiting and training older individuals for IT careers. The effort is part of the Microsoft Skills 2000 initiative aimed at bringing new people into the industry and keeping existing IT professionals up to date on technology. Green Thumb will provide low-income individuals, aged 55 and older, with IT training, job counseling, job placement and support services. Microsoft will donate courseware to the training centers. Green Thumb is a national nonprofit organization that provides older workers with limited incomes with training opportunities and community service jobs.

Broadcast on Science Lectures

December 5, 1997 - On December 8-9, the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) will broadcast its fifth annual Holiday Lectures on Science live via satellite and via Webcast from the HHMI Lectures on Science Web site. The Holiday Lectures site helps high school teachers and students prepare for the annual science lecture series by providing curricular materials and virtual laboratory experiments. The Holiday Lectures site also features a place where lecture-related questions can be submitted to a panel of scientists and be answered via e-mail. Visit the HHMI Holiday Lectures Web site to register for the event.

Create CDs Online

December 5, 1997 - For the holiday season, superSonic BOOM, invites shoppers to design gift CDs from a catalog from over 700 traditional Christmas and Hanukah songs. Online shoppers can preview the songs via Real Audio™, define a playing order, enter a personalized CD title and submit orders via superSonic BOOM's secure transaction environment. Based in Arlington, Virginia, superSonic BOOM offers custom CDs via the Web.

Campaign for Child Safety

December 2, 1997 - Digital City Washington, a subsidiary of America Online, recently launched the "Keep Your Kid Safe" campaign, a child-safety initiative designed to help with the rapid distribution of information about missing children. The campaign will help Greater Washington area parents to create a digital record of information about their children on a computer disk. Parents of a missing child would then be able to immediately transmit their child's information to The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children for dissemination. In addition, AOL and NCMEC have created a "Kid Safe" site that provides parents with metro-area information on child safety, from violence prevention to identifying local resources such as police departments and poison control centers. The site is available to AOL subscribers via keyword "DCCommunity."

Mailing List for Event Promoters

December 2, 1997 - The EventWeb site offers marketing guidance to meeting, conference and trade show promoters. Subscribers to the EventWeb mailing list receive the EventWeb Newsletter weekly, which includes reviews and links to conference promotion Web sites, and news and advice that enable promoters to develop marketing programs. In addition, the EventWeb Radio features a weekly audio broadcast for the meeting, conference and tradeshow industry. Visit EventWeb for more information and for a free subscription to the newsletter.

Open Studio Provides Internet Access

December 2, 1997 - Open Studio: The Arts Online provides public points of access to the Internet at arts and community institutions and helps nonprofit arts organizations and artists go online by offering training and technical assistance. Open Studio access sites, hold free public workshops, help people locate upcoming art events in their community and in other parts of the country and offer public Internet training opportunities. Open Studio recently received a $400,000 contribution from Microsoft and AT&T. Visit Open Studio's Web site for more information.

Execs Optimistic About Region's Future

December 1, 1997 - According to a study commissioned by Korn/Ferry International, senior executives of regional technology firms are optimistic about the region's future, are strongly committed to reinvesting in the community; and believe that people will continue to be the critical resource for the area's growth. The survey was done by Wirthlin Worldwide, a public opinion polling firm based in McLean, Virginia. In addition, Korn/Ferry recently released its annual "Advanced Technology Board of Directors Study" for 1997. Results indicated that there is greater emphasis on diversity in boards, on tying director compensation to performance, and on board evaluations. For more information or to receive a copy of the studies, e-mail Korn/Ferry at

Don Vandrey Launches Web Sites

December 1, 1997 - Maryland-based Don Vandrey Associates recently launched Web sites for Community Clinic, Inc., Looper Servicenter, Inc. and Mid-Atlantic Builders, Inc. Community Clinic is a provider of primary care services to the medically underserved in Montgomery County, Maryland. Their Web site includes information on access to services provided and excerpts from the organization's annual report. Looper Servicenter specializes in heating and cooling systems for standard and antique automobiles and their Web site includes links to automobile-related organizations. Mid-Atlantic Builders, Inc. is a builder of customized production homes in Montgomery and Prince George's counties in Maryland.

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