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Workforce Report
The KnowledgeWayWORKS initiative focuses on facilitating communication and collaboration among regional stakeholders to meet the education and workforce needs of the New Economy.

Works Goals Since its creation in 1995, the Potomac KnowledgeWay has been in a unique position to serve as a catalyst for short and long term issues related to workforce preparedness. Through the following initiatives, the KnowledgeWay has brought focus to the systemic change required to maintain and improve the region's pool of knowledge workers.

    The Regional Workforce Coalition, a collection of regional leaders from industry and education, was formed to address the region's growing shortage of technically skilled workers.

    The Skills for Success Program was designed to identify and publish the skills, attitudes and attributes - as articulated by the business community – necessary for students of various levels and backgrounds to succeed in the New Economy.

    A Leaders' Meeting consisting of innovators in the workforce-education arena that was convened in July, 1998 to discuss the workforce of the future and to provide a forum for business and education leaders to exchange ideas about the future of the region.

The Knowledge Chain

The Knowledge Chain, currently under construction, will be an online resource center intended to promote information exchange and increase awareness of regional workforce-education issues. Once completed, it will contain a host of information on education and workforce activities in the Greater Washington region.

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